Warhammer: Vermintide

Why is everyone crazy about pyromancer?

warhammer 8 - Why is everyone crazy about pyromancer?

I play Sienna quite a bit, admittedly I’m still new to the game but I’m like level 14 with her and I get how to play her, at least with the flamestorm staff and battle wizard career. If you look at their abilities, other than the damage increase which they both have, BW has the ability to massively reduce her overcharge and charge up faster when on high overcharge. Meanwhile all pyro does is increase crit chance which seems kinda bad to me since staffs rarely crit and I shouldn’t be relying on my melee weapon.

Personally, against a horde, I’d much rather be able to continually cast a flamethrower that absolutely melts the enemy rather than have my weak ass melee weapon crit 25% of the time. Pyro’s burning head is good but I wouldn’t think something like 30 damage every 40 seconds is enough to make a class amazing. Also BW’s fire walk is pretty good too. It really helps while surrounded and in a sticky situation because you can tp out and use the wall of flames to stop enemies from charging straight at you and interrupting the channel of your next spell which imo is Sienna’s biggest weakness.


So I personally just can’t see how pyro would be better, especially with the staff that everyone recommends which is the beam staff. I’ve tried all the staves and the only one that hasn’t made me itch for a broadsword is the flamestorm staff. I played with a Sienna main after giving up on her because to me the fireball staff was so bad and he used the flamestorm staff and carried me so damn hard.

Ik it can be weak against armoured enemies and bosses but because of the stagger it can still easily deal with all normal enemies except for Chaos Warriors since they can’t hit you back if they’re being staggered constantly. For the chaos warriors just leave him to someone else or dance around him while power attacking with your melee. Yeah ok she does very little against monsters, I usually get the lowest monster damage but it’s usually not monsters that kill me. Getting overwhelmed and not being able to channel a right click kills me.

Can someone please explain exactly why everyone is crazy about pyro w/ beam staff because I am very confused.

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