Warhammer: Vermintide

Why is this game so absolutely filled with bugs?

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I seriously cannot remember the last time i went through a entire match without encountering at least 1 or 2 bugs. Not just small bugs either – bugs that prevented progress, slowed progress or hurt our team.

Just off the top of my head in the last few matches:

  • Bile troll boss puking through walls in sewers
  • Hook rat pulling me into water where i cannot be saved
  • Hook rat pulling me into a area i cannot get out of
  • Jumping into a wall and getting pulled into a building i cannot get out of
  • Charge ability cancelling and instantly dying in a group of enemies
  • Gun dissapearing
  • Being unable to switch to my gun untill immobilized by a enemy
  • Holding a shield and sword but actually firing my gun (switches to gun when attempting to block)
  • Patrol of stormvermin walking in the air on top of us and then all attacking at once
  • Bile troll boss running in place invincible after his first phase and eventually preventing progress due to the stupid wall
  • Chaos spawn grabbing someone through a wall
  • Chaos spawn hitting someone through a wall at the start of a mission
  • Getting hit by a rat ogre into a infinite stumble animation
  • Boss on war camp skips his attack animation and instantly creates a shockwave
  • Boss on war camp phases through a wall and gets stuck on the other side

There are so many other issues i've skipped here .. i probably could remember a ton more over time and will innevitably find more in the matches i'm starting right now.


Just now i had a match where a bile troll was stuck running into a wall on the sewer level. We ran on thinking it would just allow us to progress but for some ungodly reason the game puts up a wall?????? a wall preventing you from going further because it forces you to kill the boss. But the boss had not only turned invincible but the level was also designed in a way to where "going back" is impossible as you drop down a well that's near vertical and 100m high.

Has there been any comment by devs on people experiencing so many issues with this game or anything that shows they're at least aware of it?
Am i the only one who's noticing that it's virtually a fu*king miracle to get through a match without issues or has it just become a generally accepted state of Vermintide 2?

I'm noticing it's been mentioned in reviews for Vermintide 2 which also might explain why it's sitting at quite a low rating.. but those reviews are often quite old (old as in from the period just after the game's release)

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