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Why kerillians next career SHOULD be spellsinger

warhammer 7 - Why kerillians next career SHOULD be spellsinger

First of I'll explain who it shouldn't be wardancer (another career many people have proposed) and that's because that it would be too similar to her existing careers. We already have a career all about evading and dodging in handmaidenwhich is what wardancers are all about. Shade also fills the role of melee blender if built correctly. A third melee only career would also be a mistake since this means that you could end up in a situation where 3 out of 4 people doesn't have any ranged weapons thus making the party unable to snipe specials.

Now as to WHY it should be spellsinger.

Well firstly its what the drachenfels dialogue and the other 2 new careers are leading to. The new careers are the ways in which the Ubersreik 5 respond to drachenfels insults. He mocked kruber for only doing it for the money and not being able to protect people. This he became a grail knight, a just protector of the weak. He insulted bardin for failing his family and he then followed his dreams and his beloved uncles footsteps and became and engineer. As for kerillian he mocks her for not caring about others, being tricked into slaughtering innocents and dooming her people. Thus I see her way to repent for this is by becoming a healer, a spellsinger of the lore of life all about helping others instead of isolating herself.


There are many hints in the lore that could support this. First of all so was the reason for her being banished from athel Loren that she witnessed a spellsinger ritual that she wasn't supposed to. My explanation for this is that MAYBE she was his apprentice and defied his command to not follow him because she wasn't ready yet and by disobeying him he renounces her and she is banished. She also is explicitly said to have a special relation ship with the weave and the winds of magic. She is able to have visions of the future in her dreams and sienna have stated that the winds of magic swirl around her. (possibly applying a natural connection to them)

It would also be a good addition for gameplay since it would give her a support class. This is a positive thing since all her current classes are very self centered and promotes a lone wolf style of play. (giving rise to the "kerillian always running ahead" memes) Giving her a team oriented support class with a focus on cooperation would offer a wastly different experience and maybe break the trend of her always running ahead alone.

I'm not gonna go into what her mechanics should be because I have full faith in Fatshark for delivering a very different very fun experience and I'll leave it up to them. (although I'm not above discussing possible mechanics and such in the comments)

Tldr: a spellsinger is the right choice as the next career because it is what the story and hints are leading up to and because it would offer a very different and varied experience from her existing careers.

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