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Why the survive section in ‘The Pit’ doesn’t work

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Personally I think it's a neat idea, but there are some problems with it that need to be addressed.

  • 1. Enemies can hit you through the windows

If they get knocked into a range where they can running attack you, they can hit you through the barrier.

  • 2. Shielded marauders (bulwarks)

The whole point of the barricades are to hold the enemies in place while you wale on them, but with bulwarks your attacks into the mass of enemies is mostly useless. Unless you have a weapon that can break the shield off a bullwark in one attack, you're better off not even bothering.

  • 3. when the enemies enter, they're hyperstacked

This can easily be avoided by just pushing them down before they overwhelm you, but it's not ideal to happen in the first place. Have them come through the window in groups of 8 or something

  • 4. finally, there's no point to defending the barricades at all

It's far better to just rush to burn the food, then turtle up in a corner on the 2nd floor and fight the enemy as they come. Since there's no gas rats there's no potential penalty for sitting in one place. Plus, since the enemies won't have to wait to attack the barricades, they won't be hyperstacked. Even worse, the ammo box is on the second floor, so you can just ammo dump with ranged weapons if you stay up there.

This isn't necessarily bad, but it just ruins the point of the gimmick and makes it an artificial waste of time.

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