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Why you don’t get patch notes from last beta to official release.

chivalry screenshot1 - Why you don’t get patch notes from last beta to official release.

I’ll probably get downvoted by players wanting notes. I made this response in another post. But if I can just suggest why you don’t have patch notes going from beta to live.

When games launch, they don’t launch with notes in what they fixed before they were complete. During beta they might if it’s long enough to actually patch and progress publicly.

Betas open for games all the time. Then they close. Then the next time we see the game is launch.

It’s important to remember that this is the launch of a game and not a patch. The devs let us play their game up to launch as a favor that many don’t do. As a result we see the launch as a patch. Because hey…I was playing 4 hours ago. It is not a patch. It’s the last fixes put in place for the official release. A release does not need to publish what the game was and now is. It creates conflict for new players.


There aren’t patch notes when a game launches for several reasons. It gives people who have never played something to compare what it is now to what was never intended to be there in the first place, creating instant distain or favor from what is intended.

You played the beta. You were involved in development improvement for a window of time and that’s where your involvement for pre-launch ends and it’s now up to them. You reported bugs and made suggestions. They thank you for it. Hopefully you thank them for the opportunity. But now it’s launched and you’ll get patch notes moving forward.

Gamers are getting spoiled with pre-release play time. Now we move forward with suggestions and not pre-release comparisons. Be fair to work involved in launching a “final” product.

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