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Will the modded realm have loot?

chivalry screenshot1 - Will the modded realm have loot?

I was watching one of /u/j_sat's streams the other day and he mentioned that the modded realm will not have any loot rewards. Is this true? It seems like a really bad solution to me…

I understand the need to provide a "pure" cheat-free experience for new players and those who want to stay in the official realm, but I feel like a lot of serious players will want to be in the modded realm instead for fixes, QoL tweaks and mutations that Fatshark deem unsuitable for mass consumption, or just take their time in approving.

Disabling all loot will make the modded realm rather frustrating unless you already have 1000+ hours with all the weapon variation you could possibly want.


Instead, why not simply flag all loot gained or changed in the modded realm as unusable in the official realm? So you still get loot rewards for each mission and mods can change how/what you get, but this loot can't be used when/if you switch back to the official realm. I for one cannot wait for a mod to speed up rerolling crap – e.g. pay 20 green dust to get the exact properties you want so you can try out a different build, instead of sitting there for literally 10 minutes clicking the same button over and over and over again while your mates try to push you into the portal.

At the end of the day, as everyone keeps saying, this is a co-op game, not PVE. Why disable half the game for people who want to enjoy it their own way instead of the Fatshark Approved™ way?

I love you Fatshark, but you confuse me.

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