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Hello everyone! As most of you probably know today we got a new trailer for the upcoming expansion Winds of Magic coming this August. Now there are a few interesting things in the trailer and I'd like to present them to most of you in an orderly fashion while also providing you with some speculation. But before we start I will remind you to watch the trailer
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and also apply for the beta here if you haven't already.

Summary of the trailer

Our story starts with a band of soldiers returning home after apparently killing a bunch of Beastmen. To elaborate further we see three main characters in the trailer; the Soldier, also the father of a Beastman, the Mother, obviously the mother of the Beastman and of course the Beastman. As it is seen the homecoming of the Soldier doesn't end well as his wife (e.g. the Mother) gave birth to a baby corrupted by chaos. The Soldier and Mother decide to leave the baby in the forest as they hope that it will be eaten by wolves or other wild animals. However the little chap is saved from two wolves by another Beastman. He then grows up with the other Beastmen in the forest, left with his only relic from the past, a chain with a picture of his mother in it. He grows up to be (as it seems) a leader of the tribe while also occasionally spying on his true parents. In one night a meteor crashes into a town, this leads the Beastmen investigate and claim the meteor as a Herdstone. By chance the young Beastman meets his parents again and kills them. The trailer ends with our heroes coming to the city where the meteor landed.


The trailer clearly shows the coat of arms of the troups, we can be certain that the troups in the trailer are from
Middenland. However I can not give you a city name, but the characters of the trailer are almost certainly from Middenland. Yet we see our characters march into another city, this could be their hometown or another unrelated city. So we can't be sure that we are in fact in Middenland, as such we have to assume that the developers are speaking truthfully when they say that we're in the Reikwald Forest. Yet the Reikwald Forest is big and its northern edges stretch to the province of Middenland.

So now we have no specific city just a pretty big area, which is almost all of the Reikland and the south of Middenland. However I do think that we're in Middenland, more specifically Senden, the birthplace of our beloved Witchhunter Victor Salzpyre. Further there are wolves in the trailer which are the symbol of Middenland.

I will also admit that calling this part of the map still a part of the Reikwald Forest is a stretch, however I also think that other details in the trailer are pretty much all about Victor, further why would they show a company of soldiers from Middenland if they have no intend of going there with their story?


A few details

So I already told you that I believe the trailer is more or less about Saltz, first of all there are numerous one-eyed characters in the trailer. To be more exact there are three, four if you count Saltz. Two right at the beginning and one of them is holding the head of a Beastman, which reminds me of a painting they added a while ago
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(this one) which is a depiction Boris Toddbringer, which again connects to Middenland. The third character of course being the Soldier at the end. So yeah a lot of one-eyed characters, which should remind everyone of Saltzpyre.

Further the story of the Beastbabe and Saltzpyre are rather similar. I know this sounds like heresy… Sigmar preserve.

So what do we know from Saltz? We know he was born in an insignificant hovel near Senden, which could be the hometown of the characters in the story, he then is taken by the order and trained. Let's compare this to the babe; born in Senden (again if this is truly Senden, but still the babe is a Middenlander either way, like Saltz) brouhgt away from his family, and raised by an Order which above all values physical prowess and devoute worship of gods. They both prove themselves in combat to appear strong in front of their respective tribes and so on. What I am getting at is that these stories are similar later on, and at the beginning they're mirror opposites of eachother. And let's remember the opposites are only there because we don't know much about Saltz childhood. As far as I can tell a lot of his items and storyline connect him to nobility and not the peasants he makes himself out to be part of.


While the trailer didn't give any clear cut answers about the general themes of the dlc story we can expect some things: firstly the story is at the very least about Middenland, there are too many hints in the base game and the trailer too just overlook this by now.

Secondly there is a certain irony in the name if WoM is really about Saltz. Because Saltz seems to be prejudiced against Magic and Magic-users, but again that relationship is very complex and I think there's much more going on here than the writers and Victor want us to belive. Furthermore the chatracters in the trailer connect to Saltz in a certain way.

Again nothing of this is concrete information and I suspect we will still have much more to talk about once WoM releases. But right now I will just take a guess: WoM is about Saltzpyres backstory far more than it is about a Herdstone. It will be set near Victors homeprovince if not in his actual hometown. Maybe we even see some of his schemes revealed at the end.

Anyways I'm probably wrong about half of this.

Till then happy slaying Heroes!

Criticism of what has been written is encouraged, if you're willing to share your own ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!

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