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Winds of Magic – Feedback of a player

warhammer 8 - Winds of Magic - Feedback of a player

Dunno if there's a NDA or not, but since I received nothing (got the key through Alinware Arena ACER) and have no means of posting on the WoM forum, here's my feedback…
Used to be able to duo/solo legend easily (my mate and I were playing around with the Onslaught mod)
I was not expecting WoM to slap me in the face like that.

What I love:

>The new talent trees:
Getting rid of baseline stat talents for cooler ability tweak talents is awesome and gives space for a lot of different playstyles

>The gearing system of the Weeeeeb…Weave, I like being able to go overboard in one stat at the cost of a lot of other stuff

>The Weaves look absolutely gorgeous. Huge thumbs up.

What bothered me…
>The changes to dodge. Feels inconsistent. Especially as a client.

>Enemies swarm a lot more in legend Wom than in Vanilla (slot system broken? had instances with rats overlapping and still attacking)

>The beastmen:
-the standard dual wielding footman is ok. He's fair. The others… less.
-archer: poke you from a distance, but die in one shot… Ok, I can deal with that
-Charge-gors: very fast (that overhead comes out a tad too fast for your average Joe I'd say). In a horde, they are deadly as you have no room to dodge them. The knock down effect feels a bit clunky/disorienting (if that was the intention, good job).
They should maybe knock away ALL units when charging in.
-pokeyboïs/trash/fk-those-guys low tier melee: spearmen. damn those. To hell. You do not see them coming. You do not hear them coming. But they will poke you through the horde with a running attack from miles away. This is what made me the saltier. Make them brightpink so that you can see them somewhatcoming, give them a bell a bright red nose and call them Rudolph, but please do something :'(
-Beast special: the knock back is kind of hardcore. In a horde, it's impossible to get to the standard, and you keep getting knocked away. Maybe make it destroyable with range (thin hitbox though). WHen 2/3 of those specials spawn, it gets really unpleasant as the KB is constant.


>The gearing system of the weave: farming every weapon is really tedious atm, as when you want to level up one weapon to where you current loadout is, you need to grind easier missions (since the power is missing) which is kinda pointless

>The entire stagger system:

So a new stagger system is here, where the more you stagger and enemy, the more damage he takes.

Lets defacto assume that doesn't exist against a horde.
-First issue: all weapons do not stagger (Elven dual daggers for example are extremely unreliable for that)
-Lack of visual/audio feedback (although in a horde it's kind of hard)

-Convoluted. I have yet to fully understand the system so (and I'm one who likes weird mechanics)

>Level 30 talent. Feels a bit pointless atm, but I'm expecting something else to replace those 🙂

>Cataclysm might feed a bit unfair at some points (when 3 hookrats drop right in front of you within 3 seconds for example), but eh. We all love being punished then bragging that we overcome the pain.

>Some weaves are super unbalanced (weave 5 ahem ahem, gave me PTSD) but that's easy to fix ^^

I love the game, I'll relearn it if needs be, but at the moment it's just not very fun :l

To conclude, I'll quote my mate: "It feels like there are more ways to fuck with players, while the tools the players could use were nerfed".

Good luck Fatshark 🙂

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