Warhammer: Vermintide

Winds of Magic: Time to Add New Achievements

warhammer 9 - Winds of Magic: Time to Add New Achievements

Some time ago, when the first two DLC released, we at the achievement hunting community (
100pAG - Winds of Magic: Time to Add New Achievements

100% Achievements Group) were really saddened to see no new achievements released even though the work was clearly done to design them in the form of Okri's Challenges.

Fatshark Hans - Winds of Magic: Time to Add New Achievements

u/Fatshark_Hans replied that there were a number of concerns, mainly of achievement hacking and users being "robbed" of 100% achievement status in the game.

Our community often reaches out to developers to get broken achievements fixed and advise on achievement design, and with the upcoming release of Winds of Magic, it is time to revisit the issue.

Let me first address your concerns regarding hacking. In short, the answer would be this: yes, they are easy to hack, but most people who care about Steam achievements use achievement trackers, such as
Astats. Within these trackers, we have elaborate multi-level hacking and cheating prevention systems, both automatic and manual. This means that when a hack occurs, we find out about it and promptly invalidate all achievements in that game for the offender or even ban them outright, making the hackers a non-issue.

Now, regarding Okri's Challenges. There are many points of view on what good achievements are, but it's universally agreed upon that more achievements are better than less. You would not be robbing anyone of a 100% as getting more achievements would be both a joy and a factor that increases the replayability of your game.


That being said, the design of Okri's Challenges has me slightly concerned. I will refer to them by the category you've created. All challenges from the "Items" and "Crafting" tabs would make ok achievements. The ones from the "Enemies" tab would be exemplary ones, and the ones from the "Levels" category would be at the very pinnacle of achievement design, following the rousing success of your Arrogance Lost VT1 achievements widely considered the best in VT1.

Now, Heroes and Deeds tabs are more concerning, mostly because of the grind factor. While completing all levels as all classes on all difficulties is well within reason, 100 games per 15 classes + 500 deed runs would add up to 2000 games played, which might be just a few inches over the top. This is especially bad when it comes to deeds as their drop rates need to be raised in order not to constitute especially horrendous achievement design: that being random-based, extremely high length grinds.

In essence, the very best achievements are feats of skill, and this is where the Deeds tab presents a problem: to test your skill, you first need to get lucky 500 times to even get the chance.

In short, yes, by all means, add more achievements. That would be very welcome by the very demographic you create those achievements for.

To put it bluntly, you are negatively affecting both the longevity of your game and its sales among achievement hunters by deciding not to add new ones at least with paid content.

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