Warhammer: Vermintide

WIP: Breakpoints Calculation

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 1 1024x576 - WIP: Breakpoints Calculation

Hi everyone,

I just finished up making a new google sheets based upon the melee damage sheet made by /u/UnShame (thanks!) that attempts to usefully show everyone the breakpoints on hits to kill for each weapon.

Breakpoints are a really complicated affair in Vermintide so I've done a bit of formatting to try to make this mess readable.

Each row is a different weapon attack, as per the melee damage sheet. At the left side I have some summary tables, showing how many additional breakpoints are hit at +10% and +20% to each Power vs X type. Then I have a column per enemy extending out to the right. The enemies columns repeat eventually to show breakpoints on headshots instead of bodyshots.

Each individual cell past the summaries can be read as follows:

2 -> 1 (18%) means that the weapon normally takes 2 hits to kill the enemy, but with +18% power vs. that enemy, can kill it in one shot instead.


The enemy types also repeat a second time, showing hits to kill for headshots instead of bodyshots.

I've colored in the main cells green if a one-shot is attainable, blue if a 2-shot is attainable, and yellow for the (strangely high) number of 1-shots that are only attainable at +33%. Anything that required more than 33% to reach the next breakpoint is left out, just showing the current hits to kill in grey for reference.

Let me know what I can do to improve this resource! This is the first time I've made anything for public consumption, so I'm sure there is plenty that could be improved.

Click here to see the new sheet!

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