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Witch Hunter Captain Talent numbers

chivalry screenshot1 - Witch Hunter Captain Talent numbers

Since Fatshark doesn't reveal the numbers on some of WHC's (or well, many) talents and the online information is all over the place, I ran some tests on Animosity, Witch-Hunt and Deathknell.


Method of testing: Wrote a mouse macro to do 10 light attacks with the Rapier and counted the number of critical strike sounds. Activated it at the same time as Animosity, repeated 100 times for a total of 1000 attacks. The only crit chance I had was the base 5% you get from the weapon itself.

Result: 1000 attacks, 234 criticals. Substracting the 5% base crit chance, this means Animosity caused 184 criticals. According to the weird Bernoulli-sorcery I learned at school this means that there is:

  • A 1% chance that it grants 15% or less crit.
  • A 21% chance that it grants 20% or more crit.
  • A 78% chance that it grants between 21%-24% crit.

(It would be nice if someone could confirm this, I think Excel had some trouble with rounding)


Fatsharks likes multiples of 5 on talents, so I assume that I had some mediocre RNG and the crit chance bonus is 20%.


Method of testing: Went into a game with bots and hit a Stormvermin with a non-crit bodyshot of the Crossbow, then suicided and looked at the damage statistics. I did this two times, once on a tagged Stormvermin and once on an untagged one.

To test if this damage applies to the whole party, I also let a friend tag a Chaos Warrior and repeated this with Kruber's Handgun.

This was all done before 1.0.7 with 600 Power, no bonuses. The only ranged weapon stats I found were from 1.0.5: <
(also apparently some headshot multipliers have changed from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7?)

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