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WoM 2.0 – General Class Discussion

warhammer 3 - WoM 2.0 - General Class Discussion

Just wondering what everyone's been enjoying (or not) since WoM and combat changes dropped.

Huntsman – seems fairly unchanged. My usual handgun build still works great. Dual mace/sword generates good enough temp hp. Been having a lot of fun on a repeater build recently thats new to me and is a bit more fast paced than handgun.

FK – loved him early on when halberd was faster (year ago). Struggled with him recently. I do enjoy the increased AS from ulting into a horde but I'm just not enjoying it as much. Seems like he lacks any defining traits I can't get in other characters

Ranger Vet – switched from shotgun to xbow. Dual hammers. I think taking away the choice of bombs OR potions was a mistake (why exactly?). Still, he's one of my go-to's. Lots of awesome support in ammo and bombs/pots. Dual hammers make mince meat of hordes while generating temp hp like mad.

IB – my original favorite. Was good before and even better now. Love having extra power w/ teammates nearby. 2h hammer is still great and sniping with handgun still helps a lot. Don't play w/ shield so I can't say how the new meta feels in that regard.

Slayer – much more of a glass cannon now. His jump sucks honestly and I don't see why it was changed. The end of it is jarring and it's hard to trigger at times. Otherwise, strong as ever. Take two 2 handed hammer and just spam Q and left click for hilarious OP kills (surely this will be nerfed?).


Handmaiden – needs some work. I don't like the bleed and invis not being able to take at the same time. Her ult now seems like just a fun movement ability without as much utility (still good for res and reposition obviously). There's a good post on the FS forums about how lackluster her bleed ult talent is now. Spear still feels ok but glaive now reigns supreme w/ temp hp generation. Sad because spear is integral to my old HM playstyle. 1h axe generates surprising amount of temp hp but hordes right now feel way too damn meaty to use for me.

WHC – unchanged-ish. Still feels great. BoP and dual wield axe/fal nerf hurt only slightly and it's still a ton of fun and really strong.

Zealot – hate the changes to zealot. Miss temp hp on ult hits. Hard to generate much temp hp at all. My flaggel-out is still strong but isn't quite as fun.

UC – strong before, only stronger now. Love the AS boost at high overcharge. Good enough temp hp. Combine easy horde clear (not as trivial now as before) + temp hp on ult + boss dmg and she's a monster.

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