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Would climbing be a viable mechanic?

warhammer 9 - Would climbing be a viable mechanic?

First of all, I just want to preface this with a shout out to Fatshark and their amazing work on the Vermintide series. Your dedication to improvement of the games and commitment to the adherance of the unique lore that is Warhammer fantasy really sets yourselves apart from other games in the genre or the universe.

Now as for the discussion, I have to clarify what I mean by climbing. When I talk about climbing as a player, I don't mean scaling walls or climbing onto roofs or adding any sort of mechanic that would drastically change the layout to most levels. Neither do I think of cheapening jumping puzzles for grims by climbing up crates or wooden beams. What I mean when I say climbing is perhaps more akin to a slightly higher jump height in certain cases.

I'll give you an example since it's a bit hard to explain over text. In Righteous Stand, at the Franz Erikson Platz, enemies can easily climb up the side of the left road from the bottom of the platz. Up to a certain height, that makes total sense. If a player were to attempt to make a jump at the same location, they would be out of luck. Providing a 'climb' mechanic similar to the ones used by the enemies could make certain areas like this more interesting.

Now, obviously this is much easier said than done, and in all honestly it could be considered a frivolous use of limited time and resources which are already being used for other things, but I'd like to have the discussion nonetheless. A few points to start:


1) From a technical and programming standpoint is this viable? If so, would it be worth exploring?

2) How can we differentiate between what can and cannot be climbed? Would it simply be height based? How could we properly relay to the player that some areas could be climbed and others not?

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3) Would different characters cough Bardin cough have a disadvantage with something like this? Would someone more nimble like Kerillian be able to climb slightly faster? I love all of the characters and their unique abilities and flavor. Could agility be something that furthers their uniqueness?

4) How do we balance the risk/reward? I like to imagine climbing as a time-costly action during which you're exposed to enemy hits, with the benefit of hopefully repositioning yourself more favorably.

5) How could something like this be implemented without interfering with things like jumping puzzles?

Anyway, I hope I've explained what I picture well enough. I know it's definitely a long shot, and there is much more interesting content being worked on, but I'd like to hear other opinions on this.

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