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wrote a umgak about my sad halberd love story, but I thought something out

2603122 2013 06 07 00001 1024x576 - wrote a umgak about my sad halberd love story, but I thought something out

some solid pvp is hard to make, and I don't hate fatshark but I can see they are not big developers so they can't do much things simultaneously.

and I got some reply that people willing to trade their red items. how about this, instead of simple trading, let's make a duel if it's really broken but it's not a ranking match. regarding the VT2 community and experienced players have a tons of red items I expect people feel not so… frustrated about this? pvp is harder to make so simple compete or minigame should work too. if people want to trade, they just play a little game. result gone different than what they wanted? well just do it again and make it right and laugh it off.

I think it can work as a make-a-friend way to people who don't have much friend in VT2. I'm not suggesting hard, but proposing that… even trading can be fun. add something. add some banter(if possible but probably not gonna happen)?


problem is 'human sucks' part but well… if things go wrong, well only loses are one red item that willing to trade anyway.

still better than grind all the useless red items and re-craft red till get what we want. right? simple ideas can add a lots of fun.

oh and by the way the dummies in courtyard has much 'fun' potential really. devs should make it better. just add more different type from many trash dummies to CW dummies. it's not hard as I see. please. are you watching? please answer me jesus I'm a sinner. and put dummies closer to portal please.

from paris with love.

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