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Xbox 1 (09/18/2018) Update Issues (Multiple Listings)

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I have unfortunately already found a large list of problems that I would like to list. Some have already been brought up, but I've noticed far too many in the games I actually got to play without disconnecting.

1) Constant disconnecting. -Many of my friends have not even been able to play through games because they disconnect within the first five minutes of the mission start. 2) Game Crashing. -This usually comes in conjunction with the first problem, and many times will also send a kill script to the Xbox that shuts the actual console off. This one has always been a problem- even in the first Vermintide- but it has not been as frequent as it is now.

3) Bots. -I have noticed that in the games that I have played today that my bots will no longer attempt to help me when I am incapacitated or downed. As soon as a special grabs/pounces me or I go down, they stand completely still. This problem flows over to other players when I have multiple in a game.

4) Kerillian is much weaker now. -I usually play Kerillian, mostly Waywatcher and Shade. I have not played as the Shade yet since the update but I have noticed that although the Handmaiden seems about the same in terms of power and durability, the Waywatcher is much weaker. Both ranged and melee attacks are not one-hitting what they used to on legend (headshots included) and I find that now I am getting downed in two to three hits of normal (not charged) infantry attacks. I got used to her downgrade from the first game, but now it is much more painful to play as her. (Note: I play on Legend only unless I do deeds.)


5) Things I can only assume are glitches. -I was just playing through a Skittergate run with my friend and got one-hit by an assassin when it pounced me. We were not doing a deed and I had not been 'in the grey', so I have no idea how that happened.

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6) Enemies are walking through unopened doors and walls. -My friends got dragged into the first grimoire room through the unopened door on the War Camp by a Packmaster. When I went to save him by jumping through the top everything aggro'd me and ran through the unopened door to trap and kill me. Earlier today I also had vermin walking through walls on the Skittergate and a Chaos Warrior that phased through a brick wall on Righteous Stand.

7) Loading times are back. -It seems as though when people are joining a quickplay game that it once again takes several minutes for them to load in, taking away a valuable bot while trying to complete the mission.

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