Warhammer: Vermintide

Xbox bug – hordes and specials stop spawning

chivalry medieval warfare 16183 1920x1080 1024x576 - Xbox bug - hordes and specials stop spawning


If you speedrun the start of the level and survive long enough, while reviving bots on your way, then after some time you can stop, handle enemies running behind you and continue easily forward, because hordes and specials will not spawn anymore to the end of the level. There will only be roaming enemies and scripted events.

It's probably related to how hordes and specials (do not) spawn, when there is a lot of threats, or maybe to Mercenary Kruber bug? I like to use Mercenary bot, maybe it's him.

I have seen this behaviour on different maps, e.g. Halescourge, War camp, Screaming bell.

Edit: Sometimes it also happens, even if not speedrunning, if you just proceed fast enough or leave a lot of enemies behind or if horde sound occurs, but before horde arrives, boss spawns, and horde never arrives. Or maybe it's not related to anything of that and it just happens from time to time. Who knows.


Edit 2: The bug is not connected to Mercenary. It happened to me again, while I was using Foot Knight bot. Festering ground, normal run (no speed run), after roughly half of the level no more hordes, only roaming enemies and specials. No boss. Killed the patrol. There was a blightstormer chasing me for some time, I couldn't kill him, he was too far away on another level, so I proceeded through some drops. After killing him and some other specials, no more hordes. BTW…I really really don't like this map. There is a lot of places (tunnels, cliffs, drops), where certain specials (warpfire, blightstormers) or bosses (stormfiend) can totally ruin your smooth run in few seconds exploiting erratic bot AI behaviour. And it happens very often, almost every run.

u/Fatshark_Hans, can you look at it, please?

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