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Let me start with saying, I have total respects for the devs, and this beta is actually a fun game, and my intention is not to bash on the game, but I'd like to voice some of the issues I see and wish to be changed. I know that FS reads these posts and cares, so I hope I can be insightful with this, and absolutely don't expect everything to be as I want it, but still feedback is feedback.

The most major concern I have is how the game uses up the console. Me and two of my other friends play on One X. All of our consoles were intensively loud because it's cooling was constantly working (this is strange since a game like Far Cry 5 just rarely makes my console wind-up). I play on 1080p friends on 4K, one of my friends console actually shut down with the warning of overheating. And this is the first time ever happening for him with the One X (since release). This might be just a unique case, I don't know but it is worth mentioning.

Some of the things I'd like to have the option to change (and might just be absent in the beta only):

  • Option to switch off stick acceleration
  • Option to switch off aim assist
  • Option to separately adjust sensitivity for look and aim (like in VT1)
  • Option to use analog control for move speed.
  • Option to use performance / quality graphic option (like in Gears of War 4 for example) on the One X.
  • Option to adjust the screen bounds (On 1080p all the texts are out of sceen at the edges for me, and this has been like this in VT1 since I switched form X1 to X1X and same when I switched from PS4 to Ps4Pro)

If I max out brightness, bright areas are too bright, if I don't dark areas are too dark. (Never had an issue with this on other games)

Sometimes specials are already attacking when they give out their sound clue. (First game got jumped by assassin befor it's sound clue ended for example, also similar happened with leech and globadier).

In my opinion the HUD is better than the PC one, but it is still very un-intuitive, especially the kill-feed, but you could get used to it. Only request I'd have is that the icons for heal/bomb/pots could be colored to pop out and make it more recognizable.

I realize these are not game breaking issues, and that they are not top priority, but would be nice if FS would address them at some point. Let me also say that I have had fun playing the beta this far, and that it is a great experience over-all, the game looks beautiful, and the rewoked progression/loot system felt much-much better than VT1. Thank you Fat Shark!

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