Warhammer: Vermintide

Xbox one x – beta feedback

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - Xbox one x - beta feedback

Dear developers.

First things first. Your game is addicting and very fun to play. i preordered the moment it appeared in the store.

But i have a few issues, i want to give you feedback on. I am playing on an xbox one x (title says it all) using a 4k TV (Samsung UE55MU8009). The matrix is listed with native 100Hz.

Tech: – hero textures are loading slowly in menus or when using medpacks – extreme frame drops in some areas. Like when you enter the first barn on "against the grain", when you have warp fire on your screen, while fighting hordes. – sometimes, the screen starts to show noticeable tearing. – the tearing gets worse when fighting hordes of chaos. – the temple of sigmar is too dark on high contrast displays.


Balancing: – the jump from "recruit" to "veteran" is very noticeable. Especially, when you play with bots. – warpfire from bosses is not only unnerving but very frustrating to fight against in alleys and tight places. Especially, when you can't get into an open field. – some weapons on kruber are noticeably underpowered. Shield weapons are basically useless. – The block special attacks are a very nice addition but they are very strong on some weapons (halberds') and virtually useless (doe to being too situational) on others (shield+one handed). – the two handed sword feels a bit weak compared to the two handed hammer and especially the halberd.

In general, the game is very fun to play and looks amazing. There are just some technical problems and balancing issues present. Looking forward to July 11th.

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