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Y’all are being unproductively mean to the devs

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Developers welcome constructive feedback with audio/video evidence to help pinpoint bugs and what's causing them, and generally have an open forum with their users to discuss things that can elevate the game.

But so many of the posts, especially recently, are just salty attack-rants pertaining to one or two bugs that according to this person should be "easily fixable in like 20 minutes".

Or in other circumstances, criticising their community interaction, such as the Livestream we just had.

I understand that there are things in the game that aren't working right. We've all had silent spawns, disablers, hordes appearing out of thin air etc. But I think as a group we need to be a little more careful as to the toxicity of our comments. Honestly if I were a CM for fatshark I wouldn't want to interact with the subreddit right now, and most times they try they're flooded with snide comments or people insisting they push updates out as fast as humanly possible, as if potentially releasing more flawed code into the game would be a good thing.


The game is great, priced generously at $30, coming from a small studio with limited staff, and it has hiccups. They don't need to address the same issue every time somebody brings it up, and we should see it as a good thing that they're putting pretty much their undivided attention into writing and quality checking their code before they release something broken.

Tl;Dr don't be mean to the devs just because they're not living up to your expectations, and allow the game to evolve and solve issues at a healthy pace. The passion they have is obvious, but the feedback they receive is often conflicting and a generally poor representation of the overall positive reception of the game. Continue to provide evidence-based feedback in a healthy discussionbased format that doesn't ask the devs to do a month's worth of work in a couple days.

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