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Yet another Pyromancer rant

warhammer 4 - Yet another Pyromancer rant

TL:DR Pyromancer is horribly underwhelming compared to just about any career. It doesn't know what it wants to be. Its kit is lackluster and doesn't really fit any particular role better then anything else. 3/10 not a career I'd really recommend anyone play.

In short IDK why anyone plays pyro over BW/UC. It doesn't really feel like the kit it has synergies well with itself, let alone a team. If you can play it and love it, I'm happy for you.


Hey there folks, I've been going through the various careers and doing the Trial by plague missions on all of the careers. So far I've done all of Kerillian and Sienna's, currently working on Salty boy, (WHC is great fun, try him out if you haven't for some reason.) But anyways getting onto the main topic, Pyromancer.

Keep in mind I'm doing this on legendary, so obviously that's where my critiques are coming from.

First of all, I don't get why it's called Pyromancer, a bit like how Unchained's aesthetic is literally being chained and locked up. Maybe it's Fatshark's way of telling us what the class isn't. Because Pyromancer has no god damn burning / fire damage perks. Unchained has more synergy with fire then Pyromancer. Like the only argument I can think of calling it pyromancer over any of the other classes is because of Deathly Dissipation lets you just keep on blasting forever and forever.

Second, her F, is so, god awful it drives me insane. (At least it staggers bosses I guess.)

Am I the only one here who feels like it's a worse discount bootleg waystalkers F? It doesn't kill half the shit Waystalker's F does by default. I.E. Waystalker's F can easily delete 6 plague rats, or 3 storm vermin, or 1 Chaos warrior. Pyro's F? 2 Plague rats, or 2 storm vermin, or 1 Chaos warrior if you're lucky. You can counter saying you can use the crit on F talent to get more heads, but it's unreliable at the best of times even having nearly 50% crit.

Oh yeah, did I mention how it's priority / lock on system is somehow WORSE then waystalkers? Like I don't get it. Waystalker can point in a general direction and it'll lock on without issue. If you don't hold this sucker down for a full second staring at that special, you're flipping a god damn coin if it's going to hit what you want, or 180 no scope some slave rat behind you that was wholly inconsequential in the long run.

If the above wasn't bad enough, why does it some to always want to kill slave rats before anything else? Even if you lock onto a storm vermin, it's a gamble if it's going to hit the other stormvermin next to it, or yeet itself into some stupid skittering skaven with a toothpick for a weapon.

Third, her power drops off horribly if she can't maintain some level of overheat. And some talents are ironically counter productive to her innate abilities.

Now I'm not saying Deathly dissipation is bad by any means, in fact I think it's the opposite, it's pretty fucking strong in my head cannon. But I don't like playing with the mentality that I only want to use ranged weapons in a game, I enjoy the melee, and I can see how being able to lob unlimited ranged attacks for 10 seconds after killing any special is bonkers.


But Pyromancer gets more powerful the higher her heat. So why would you stop ALL overheat in general. Why doesn't it just stop heat from generating past her 30% crit stacking chance, or some arbitrary cutoff? Because you're not always going to be at 60% heat all the time, because keeping it up that high 24/7 is a chore, and will depending on staff choice slow you down at best, if not leave you eating dust from your team. Now the trick to this is crapping out some spells at other things, then going for the special killing blow… but do you really want your pyro to be wasting 4 seconds of their life generating heat for more DPS instead of killing that damn special?

Also yes, I know how to back off of a horde to fire off my spells before re-engaging. But it felt like a chore compared to many other classes that are at full power already, or don't need endless maintenance to keep up their true power in a horde / patrol fight. Having to stop just to toss a few usually meaningless spells just to get some crit is tedious.

Fourth, DR, her only source of DR by herself is from a talent that gives 10%, that are shared with two other talents that are just way better so there's no reason you'd ever take it. Pyromancer feels like a glass cannon, and rightfully so, but it seems out of place to even pretend like it's a talent anyone would reasonable take over overheat not slowing you / 3x 5% stacking movespeed on crit. So it's not me saying she needs a higher DR talent, just that if you're going to give her one, why put it on a bar that has unquestionably way better stuff on it. It literally can't compete in that slot.

Fifth and final, she just feels underwhelming in any role you build her for. Not even compared to BW.

But sniping specials? Ker's longbow / BH / RV.

Horde clear? Everyone can clear hordes reasonably fast if they have the weapon for it, pyro is no different. The crits just make it a tiny bit faster.

Team support? What support, she has no supporting abilities.

Boss / monster damage? Unless you're running crit skulls, which has a chance of just not fucking working. You're rarely going to out compete a BH / Shade / GK with their more reliable and harder damage F's. It also really reduces your suitability which she honestly kind of needs unless you're playing like an absolute god, taking maybe 1 hit every 5 minutes from only a slave rat.

Tank? Pyro is not a tank.

End rant

Just in case anyone thinks I'm saying it's unplayable or something I haven't said here. It's not unplayable. You can do perfectly well with it. I've had many games where I clutched with pyro just like any class can. The crits will let you do some silly damage and you can easily beat out less skilled players / less optimized builds ect ect. It's just that my experience with Pyro was a frustrating experience despite trying 5 or so different builds to make it work for me.

If anyone is to do anything to Pyro, for the love of god. Make her F more reliable / not feel like a discount waystalker's f.

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