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Zealot Holy Fervor change

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The charge forward of this career skill, while in keeping with the idea of a zealot/fanatic, doesn't really translate to useful in most situations while in combat.

It doesn't knock over or stun any enemies in your path but does succeed in repositioning you in a very short period of time.

I suppose I could see it being used to effect as an oh shit get-out-of-jail-free card, but since it also comes with +25% attack speed and further modifications with the lvl 25 talent that are all combat oriented, I really wish that the charge wasn't automatic as more often than not I want to smash the faces that are right in front of me and not some that are way over thataway.

So I propose two alternative suggestions for how (IMHO) this career skill could be changed for the better:

1: Replace the automatic charge with a movement speed buff (same duration as the attack speed buff).


2: Make the charge not automatic but trigger-able by pressing F (or your custom hotkey) a second time once Holy Fervor is initiated.

I realize that #1 could (very easily) become OP so while I would certainly enjoy the change I'm also realistic in my expectations.

.#2 is more of a compromise where the charge can be used to great effect or not at all depending on the situation.

Now I know, you can absolutely cancel the charge by mashing block once you've hit F and Holy Fervor initiates, but IMO that is inferior to being able to use the charge once over a 5 second period (or 8 seconds with Blessed Frenzy) and there are times where I'll cancel the charge only to realize a second or two later that it would be great if I could charge.. now.


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