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Zealot Rework

warhammer 9 - Zealot Rework

I'll start by saying I'm not here to complain about zealot. Only to brainstorm about how he might be tuned a bit to fit more in line with the other careers. I'm a Salty player myself, so I'm invested in making the career as compelling as possible, while not making him utterly broken or useless.

As far as I'm concerned, the premise for this character is a high risk – high reward melee monster. A frothing berserker with greater utility the closer to death he gets. BUT his temp health generation, his damage reduction, and resist death talents/perks make that risk comparably small. And so I would like to see a rework to his talents/ult/overall design.

To my mind there are really four ways of adjusting zealot, two rather minor, one middling, and one major.

The two minor adjustments tweak his survival. Firstly, Flagellant could be removed from his rank 10 talent slot. This talent gives zealot quite a bit of damage reduction for a hero that's already high health. Suppress pain could accordingly be toned down as well.

The second minor change could adjust his temp health gain. Removing temp health on kill is one option, removing temp health on ult hits is another, and lastly both could be removed. Having zealot struggle to generate temp health would certainly make low health play far more risky.


The middling change is something I've seen someone else suggest and so I'll parrot it here. During Holy Fervor, zealot takes increased damage. This would mean frothing becomes dangerous. It is a boon to attack faster and generate temp health, but it's risky as a big hit can ruin you. This is a pretty interesting change and I quite like it.

However, the change I would be most interested in seeing is the removal of his ranged weapons. One of the things that makes zealot so good is that he's able to do everything. He can brawl nearly as well as slayer, better on full stacks, he has good horde clear, excellent armor clear, decent sniping with crossbow/BOP, and then excellent boss clear with BOP. Which to me seems to betray the premise of a frother. I would really love to see him lose his ranged weapon and play similar to slayer. Perhaps this paired with some of the above changes as well.

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This to me would be the most compelling change to his character and I would absolutely main him with falchion and axe, instead of running axe and falchion/BOP all the time.

Well, at any rate I'm here to discuss possible adjustments to be made to his character, not simply complain "zealot OP pls nerf". I'm sure this has been posted a dozen times and if so I apologize.

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