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Zealot’s Balance (Is Horrid – But hear me out.)

warhammer 6 - Zealot's Balance (Is Horrid - But hear me out.)

Quick Preface: I have about 800 hours, and an additional 200 in End Times. I love this game, and I love Saltzpyre and all his careers.

But Zealot seriously has a few issues, and whilst I know >Fatshark doing anything< is a bit of a meme right now, I think It's healthy to try and discuss these things.

After playing him for an ungodly amount of time, the most obvious problem Is just how selfish Zealot is, and how he's anti-synergy with most good team comps (especially on Cataclysm – On legend, raw damage is enough to carry.) Of course, I'm talking about Grail Knight in this case, and potentially waystalker (Although I do not see many non-handmaidens).

After doing some thinking, I think there Is a way to make Zealot more interesting to play without having to worry about a GK/WS joining and effectively shutting off your power. The easiest one would be transforming all health gain into THP on the Zealot, but this is broken for a myriad of reasons such as THP never decaying (Not that it does anyways…)

Second, I would – and some of you will crucify me for this – for the Axe and Falchion to not be available to the Zealot. The billhook does its job fine and Isn't quite as OP, plus the Rapier is fine if you have an autoclicker. But the main reason for this would be to push people to use his flail more.

The flail effectively solves every problem with the Zealot but one or two – The anti-synergy and the flail being generally a bit undertuned right now. Otherwise, It lets him go into horde control with just fine elite killing potential, becoming more of a teamplayer.

As a result, I wish for several Talents to be changed;

First one, I think Health on Kill should be changed to Health on Stagger (Everyone just runs health on hit anyways, but this will at least let zealots to fill a different niché) and Smiter or Mainstay should be replaced with Bulwark, like the other tank characters.


Additionally, I (personally) think that Holy Fortitude is fine as-is. But Crusade should probably increase attack speed as well (This would not be broken if the Axe and Falchion is removed from the Zealot) and Armour of Faith should be reworked into something that increases your stagger power by 7.5%, call it Righteous Offense, or something like that.

Devotion and Redemption Through Blood both needs to be completely reworked. They're horrible. On the only difficulty where Redemption is relevant (Cata), taking 1 hit is probably enough to trigger your death immunity anyways.

My suggestions; Devotion now increases movement speed by 20% when you have not taken damage for more than 10 Seconds.

Redemption Through Blood: Any Temporary Health you gain Is instead split evenly across your group, any healing received becomes temporary health instead.

Calloused Is the go-to talent for most people right now, but that's not because It's inherently good. I would (personally) make it 20% and call It a day.

On top of this, I'd buff the Flail slightly with the following: A blank 10% Increase in damage, Remove attack delay on Heavy 2, have Push Attack immediately follow into Heavy 2, heavy Light3 combo into Heavy2.

With these changes, I think Zealot would be a more interesting career to play. You can still just play raw damage just fine (And probably better) If you want, but at least then It's because you chose to do so, not because the class shoehorned you into doing so.

I know this is gonna be controversial since the only way any of this is balanced is if Zealot no longer has access to his most popular weapons (A+F), but I think this would make him less complained about.

So, what do you guys think? Am I just an idiot and I haven't found the true potential of Flailot? (Also, buff the axe, and the falchion already, please.)

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