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★ Detailed Guide to Holiday Ops (Christmas Event) ★

WorldofTanks4 - ★ Detailed Guide to Holiday Ops (Christmas Event) ★

Holiday Ops is out, and it's brought plenty of bonuses, crew members, discounts and more! While this year's event is very similar to last year's, there are still a few key differences.

This guide will thoroughly cover all of the most important parts of the event in detail, and explain in a how-to manner how to make use of all of its features!

Let's get started, shall we?



Daily Mission:

Before we talk about the Holiday Ops event itself, let's quickly cover the Advent Calendar pop-up you see every day when you log in. There's a daily mission available that you have to accept before it becomes available. I'm not sure why you have to accept it instead of it being automatically added when you login, but that's how WG's decided to do it.

Now that's out of the way, let's focus on Holiday Ops itself.



In the Garage, there are several new buttons you can click on. They appear as below:

To the right, you'll see your festive atmosphere level (purple arrow). This takes you directly to the Christmas hub.

And in the background of the Garage, you'll see your Christmas decorations (blue arrow). You can click on any of them to view your current decorations and add new ones.

You can view the daily and weekly missions in the top left corner (green arrow), which gives you small boxes.

The daily missions look like this. You'll see a full list of them, not just the ones above.


Decorations Page:

This is the page where you can view all of your current decorations, and where you'll see all available activities for the Christmas event.

Quite a lot on one screen to cover, right?

Let's start with just decorating your tree. If you click on any of the empty decorations slots, you can pick a decoration from your currently available list. Remember, the higher level the decoration, the better!

​Pretty simple and straightforward, right?

The higher level decorations you add to your tree, the higher your Festive Atmosphere level becomes. If you click on the button for your festive atmosphere, you'll see the list of currently unlocked rewards.



On this page, you'll see all of the bonuses you've unlocked so far. You get discounts to tech tree tanks, and female crew members.

If you click on the discount buttons, you can select any tech tree tank to apply the discount to. The tank does not​ have to be researched. You only get one discount per Tier. Pick carefully for reach Tier – Once you've chosen a tank to apply it to, it stays there. These discounts do not expire. Once you've applied them, you permanently keep them until you actually purchase the tank.

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Vehicle discounts are nice and all, but how do you redeem the female crew members? Go to your Barracks!

But those aren't all of the rewards you can earn! Let's go back to the atmosphere level button.

If you highlight your festive atmosphere, you'll see your currently available bonuses.

Credits! XP! Crew XP! Free XP! Amazing, right? But of course, you need to know how to increase these bonuses. They can go up to 50% per category, afterall.

Here's how it works. Go to your collections page, from the Christmas hub. Remember the screenshot where I showed what each button does?




The calculation for your bonus is very simple. You get a bonus % level depending on how many decorations you have in each category. That bonus % is then multiplied by your Festive Atmosphere level.

My current credit bonus is 28% – Atmosphere level 7, multiplied by a 4% bonus level.

New Year's collection gives you credits.

Lunar New Year's collection gives you combat XP.

Magic New Year's collection gives you Free XP.

Christmas's collection gives you crew XP.

Let's take a closer look at how to actually get these decorations for your tree though, shall we?

On the main page for your Collections, you'll see this. The colored icons represent decorations your currently own. Ones that are greyed out, you don't have.

On the right bar, you can view the different collections, and the levels of decorations available for each of the collections. Don't forget about the yellow arrows! There may be more than one page per level of decoration.

If you're missing a decoration, you can craft it. Here's how. Click the icon for the decoration that you're missing. It will take you to the Decorider 2.0.



If you clicked one of the icons in your Decoration, it will have automatically selected all relevant filters. It costs shards to craft these decorations.

However, let's still cover the filters in case you want to manually pick your decorations. Bottom left (in green) is the level of decoration. Random is cheaper to craft, but is very inefficient when it comes to levels.

To the right (in blue) is the collection. If you're just filling up your Festive Atmosphere level, select Random collection but specificy Level 5. This will be significantly cheaper than picking a specific decoration.

At the top, you can select the type of decoration, and whether you want it for your tree, yard, kitchen or sculpture. If you want to get your Festive Atmosphere level to Level 10, you'll need to craft Level 5 decorations for all available categories.

In the big blue orb to the right of the Decorider, it will display which decoration was crafted.

But what if you're out of Shards, like I am? You can break your decorations to gain them! Click the "Gain Shards" button, and it will take you to this screen.

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You can select all Decorations by clicking the button in the top right corner. The decorations listed here are not currently mounted. This means that anything you have on your tree, will remain there after breaking decorations. As a result, if you've already mounted everything you needed to onto your tree, then you can just select all the decorations when breaking them.

But how do you get decorations to break in the first place! Boxes!



You can earn small boxes through the in-game missions. Those will just contain random decorations, credits and consumables.

The large boxes are premium boxes that you have to spend real money on, through the Premium shop. Those boxes contain Premium tanks, Gold, styles and guaranteed Level 5 decorations.

13Disciple and I wrote a full guide to the Premium boxes. You can view that guide here:

That being said, when you're opening boxes, an annoying animation will play. You can skip the animation by clicking the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Skipping the animation will save you a lot of time!

Another feature that saves time? You can open 5 boxes at the time! When opening boxes, you'll see a button that says "x5" next to the "Open the box" button. My screenshot above doesn't show this button, because I believe my mods are interfering with it. You should see that button on your own screen though.



What a chaotic guide this way! It almost feels like we were all over the place in it, but there was quite a bit of information to cover!

I really hope this guide was helpful! +1's are always appreciated… No real reason, they just make me feel better.

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