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★ Here’s how I would fix / nerf the T67 ★

WorldofTanks7 - ★ Here's how I would fix / nerf the T67 ★

The T67 has been a seal clubber's dream for many years now, and WG still hasn't done anything to actually change the tank.

Here's the problem – It's a very popular tank, and serves a unique playstyle / role that not many TD's can offer. However, with a good crew, the tank quickly becomes dominant over most low Tier players, as it can easily outspot everyone it fights against.

So, here's my solution as to how to rebalance the tank.


What's the Problem?

The T67 has one of the best guns at Tier 5, far and above better what almost anything else at the Tier has. However, it also has great camo values and great mobility, while also having decent view range.

This means that the T67 can do well at close ranges (Because of the mobility / DPM), but also excels at long ranged shooting.

In particular, long-ranged shooting is what makes the T67 such a problematic tank. It can rush into position, outspot its opponents, and tear them down before they can get into cover or react. Its gun is far too good at long ranges, despite its relatively poor accuracy.


How would I fix the tank?

Remove the 76mm gun from the tank, and instead give it a variant of its stock 57mm, except with a few changes. In particular, here's how the 57mm would change under my proposal:

hcoetpcep0n21 - ★ Here's how I would fix / nerf the T67 ★

Blue values are those that are improved over the current 57mm, red values are ones that get worse.



What would this accomplish?

By removing the 76mm, the T67 no longer can put out relatively high alpha shells out with such precision at long distances. Now, the T67 has a problem – It will shoot faster than it can aim. Also, its accuracy remains relatively poor.

This means that at long distances, the T67 driver has 2 choices:

  • Shoot without stopping (Which results in not fully aimed shells, thus plenty of misses and lower DPM)
  • Aim each shot (Resulting in more time spent aiming, meaning less DPM at long distance)

Also, the unreliable accuracy of the gun will already produce misses. This means that at long distances, not only will the T67 driver simply not have the DPM output advertised because of the poor accuracy, but because they will shoot faster than they can aim, they will lose a lot of their long distance killing power.

Further, lower penetration over the 76mm (110mm on AP, 165mm on APCR) means that the T67 drivers will really struggle to penetrate targets with the same kind of ease as they could before.


How would the T67 play after the changes?

The T67 would still be a unique and interesting vehicle that rewards skillful gameplay. However, it would lose a lot of its long-distance killing power. The tank would still be able to fight back at close ranges because of the DPM that it has, but at close ranges the T67 would feel fairly balanced. It would still have its mobility and DPM, but it's extremely vulnerable to return fire.

At long distances, the tank would still have its camo and mobility, but now the gun performance would significantly lack over its competition such as the Wolverine. Now, T67 drivers would be making a proper sacrifice – They lose out on long range capability to gain the mobility and camo that the T67 gets. The Wolverine would still retain its 76mm in its current state, which means that the Wolverine would be the go-to tank for people who want better long-distance sniping and gun performance, whereas people who want to scout or use camo would turn to the T67.

All of a sudden, the Wolverine becomes a proper rival to the T67 again, and the T67 loses the one thing that made it so damaging to gameplay; which was its ability to tear apart targets that it out-spotted itself.

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