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★ [NA Only] MT-25 Showdown – Win Tier 8 Premium tanks, Premium time & more! ★

WorldofTanks10 - ★ [NA Only] MT-25 Showdown - Win Tier 8 Premium tanks, Premium time & more! ★

The MT-25 Showdown is here; the third event in a series of my
612876 %E2%98%85 spooktober giveaways win 3 free tier 8 premium tanks %E2%98%85 - ★ [NA Only] MT-25 Showdown - Win Tier 8 Premium tanks, Premium time & more! ★

October giveaways!

This event will be broken down into 4 separate competitions, each one being worth points. At the end of the entire event, the 3 players with the highest point total across all 3 events will win some Premium goodies!

Registration is open now and goes until October 21st at 9 PM PST (12:00 AM EST). The event itself will begin on October 22nd!——————————————————————————————————————————————————–


1st – Tier 8 Premium tank of your choice (or its Gold equivalent)

2nd – Tier 7 Premium tank of your choice (or its Gold equivalent)

3rd – Tier 5 Premium tank and 30 days of Premium——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Rules for Entry:

All what you need to enter this event is an MT-25 mounted with the 45mm gun. Only the first 50 players will be accepted into this event. We currently have 6/50 players entered in.

In order to enter, post your availability below (days of the week, times of day and your time zone). The teams will be broken into groups based on their (and my own) availability.

Keep in mind, I'll also accept players in-game as well, so there may be more people entered into the event than just those who post in the comments.——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Time for the bling!

Point System:

Each event will have several criteria that earn you points. In general, the better you perform, the more points you earn. However, some of the events will include team gameplay. For those events, there may be some team bonuses. There are also a few "extra" ways to earn points in each round.

I'll list the full point breakdown for each of the event in its own section. Each time you meet one of the point criteria for that event, you'll be given points. At the end of each event, I'll add up your points. Your points from each new event will be listed seperately in the point table, but will all contribute to your point total.

Prizing is based off of your total points across all of the events. While there are no additional prizes for being on top in a specific event, you'll need those extra point bonuses you earn to win the event!——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Combat Challenge:

The Combat challenge has two sections. The 1 vs. 1, and the team fights.

1 vs. 1: You'll simply be fighting against me on Murovanka! No capping is allowed, no Premium ammo is allowed. Any consumables are allowed.

  • For each 100 damage you do against me, you earn 1 point.
  • If you win the battle, you earn a bonus 3 points.
  • If you do at least 50 ramming damage, you earn 1 bonus point.
  • If you do at least 150 damage to me from stealth, you earn 2 bonus points.

Team fights: I'll break the teams down into 10 groups of 5. I will use skill-based matching to assemble these teams, to keep it as fair as possible! These groups will fight against one-another on 3 different maps (El Halluf, Serene Coast, Westfield)

  • For each win by combat, you earn 2 points. For a win by capping, you only earn 1.
  • If you're top on damage on your team, you earn 1 bonus point.
  • If you're top XP on your team, you earn 1 bonus point.
  • If you win all 3 battles, your team earns 3 bonus points!

Again, no Premium ammo is allowed, but consumables / equipment are completely up to you!——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Tank Racing:

This is not the same as WG's racing game mode, but rather a completely separate racing event! There will be 2 sets of races on 5 different maps! Again, we'll have solo races and team races.

Solo Races:

Abbey, Fjords, Karelia, Mountain Pass, Overlord.

You'll have to beat a target time in your solo run of the map. I'll post the full track courses as soon as registration has finished, that way everyone has the same amount of time to prepare!

  • Beat the target time and earn 2 points. You have 2 attempts.
  • Match my personal record time (within half of a second) and earn 3 bonus points.
  • Beat my personal record time, and earn 5 bonus points (Replaces the matching bonus)
  • If you crash or drown, you get one redo (A crash on the first attempt means you still have 2 attempts. The redo, plus the second one). However, you'll only earn 1 point from beating the target time, and 2 bonus points from matching my personal time. The bonus for beating my record is unaffected (still the full 5 points)

Team Races:


Again, these will be broken down into 10 teams of 5. Depending on how the teams for the Combat Challenges work, I may keep the same teams, or change them up.

The tracks and maps for Team Races will be different. The maps will be: Cliff, Empire's Border, Redshire, Studzianki, Airfield.

No shooting! Ramming is allowed, but only with the intent to win the race. In other words, you can't stop following the track, or race in the wrong way to block people. Your goal has to be to cross the line as fast as possible. If you have to ram people along the way, that's fine. As long as you're still trying to get ahead in the race.

  • The team with the most players in the Top 5 gets 2 points.
  • A "clean" race for the player grants 1 bonus point. This means no significant collisions, crashes, etc. This also means no intentional ramming.
  • The player who finishes the race first earns 1 bonus point.

There are only 2 runs per map! The first 1 is a practice run which does not earn any points. The second one is the real deal.——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Aerial Stunts:

This is going to be a purely solo event! The maps will be determined later, as I still have some testing to do. However, the goal will be to perform the most aerial stunts within a certain amount of time. There will be 3 maps.

  • If you meet the target jump count, you'll earn 2 points.
  • If you perform a 360 stunt (tank does a barrel roll and survives), you earn 1 point for each one.
  • A lengthy drift earns 1 point. This has to be around an entire corner however, not just a momentary drift.
  • If you jump off a steep cliff and survive, you get 1 point. These have to be cliffs that if done incorrectly, the player is in high danger of crashing the tank.
  • If you launch off of the FCM ramp, you earn 1 point for the jump, and double points for any stunts performed. However, you lose significant HP while performing the jump! These jumps do count toward the target jump count.

You'll have a total of 10 minutes per map to perform your stunts!

Now, what is the FCM ramp? We take an FCM 50t and an E-50M. We put the E-50M below a ridgeline, and have the FCM 50t drive full-speed into it. The E-50M ends up standing up vertically, and the FCM rests on it. There will be 3 Maus tanks on the sides to prevent the E-50M from flipping over. All of these tanks will be on the enemy team. This means that when you jump over the FCM, you're losing HP as you drive over it. The jumps are also usually tall enough where you lose small amounts of HP upon landing, although this depends on how you land.

Every FCM jump earns you points, even if you die. However, because of the significant HP loss, you should only use it sparingly. Whether it's best used early or late? If you can perform stunts off of the ramp, the double point bonus will significantly enhance your point total; especially if done earlier on while you have HP available. However, it's inherently dangerous, so the safest route would be to farm stunts elsewhere, and only use the ramp at the end. Which do you want to do? It's up to you… It's the whole point of the challenge afterall!——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Destruction Derby:

The Destruction Derby will involve 1 vs. 1's amongst the 50 players, broken down into 25 1 vs. 1's (each one involving 2 different players).

The goal? Destroy as much destructible cover as possible. First, you'll be given a section of the map to clear out. The enemy cannot cross into your section of the map, and you're simply racing against one-another to destroy all of the cover there. Once you've cleared your section out, you have to race to the "group" section.

The group part of the derby will involve a 3rd section that both opponents can be in at the same time. You can ram the opponent out of the way, block them, etc.

There are only two maps! Ensk and Studzianki!

  • You earn 2 points for clearing out your personal section first.
  • The player who clears more debris from the group section earns 1 point
  • The player who destroys the last bit of debris from the group section earns 1 point
  • If you ram-kill your opponent in the group section, you earn 3 points. The above bonuses still apply, but you'd only have the last 5 seconds after the ram kill to finish destroying debris.
  • The person who survives on the most HP (if ramming was involved) will earn 1 point. MT-25 has very similar armor all around, so be careful with how you ram them!

Spall Liners are allowed, but they do slow your tank down. Is it worth it? There are 4 points available from ramming, but 4 points available from clearing debris. However, ramming is more difficult to do, since your opponent can always just dodge you. It's up to you to make that decision!


There we go folks! Truly a worthy replacement to the T-50-2, the MT-25 now can earn you Premium tanks too!

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