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11 kills, 6k damage, Kolobanov’s medal in a stock Emil II – probably my best game ever (video link in post)

WorldofTanks1 - 11 kills, 6k damage, Kolobanov's medal in a stock Emil II - probably my best game ever (video link in post)

Got into a Tier IX game on Fjords in my Emil II with the stock 105mm gun, east spawn. My plan initially was to go to the middle power position at E4/E5 to shoot at tanks trying to push the middle lane or south flank, but that got interrupted by an Undertaker that made an incredibly stupid play and allowed me to dump 3 shots into him. I decided to reload and move to the aforementioned power position. There I found an IS-3 making an interesting push across the water to try and flank, I guess? My play on him wasn't actually all that good, as I bounced 2 out of 4 off of him and he put 2 into me. Thankfully my teammates covered my reload and he didn't get to hit me again.

After that, an enemy T30 tried to round the corner at D6 to flank us, but I was ready and he presented that sweet sweet drive wheel to me. Thanks to a flubbed shot from him, I got 3 shots into him without taking any damage, and he was dead. I used my last shot to try and hit a Vanguard, but he had some kind of short hard cover in front of him so my shot did not connect.

I then moved back down to the little pond area around F4/F5 to help our southern flank, as it had fallen. I picked off a WZ-132 that was attempting to run away, and a T25/2 that had just killed one of ours, then had to reload.

My next play was against a IS-3A and T-54 on the middle lane. I thought they had both just fired and the IS was a one shot, so I poked to kill the IS. Turns out he had a shot ready, so that ended up being a bad trade. T-54 flubbed his first shot and I got two into him for that, but the second one bounced. I shouldn't have stayed for the third shot because I knew he would be loaded but I was mad about the second one bouncing. He had me dead to rights but thankfully my teammate in the T54E1 had my back. I narrowly avoided an arty shell (thank god for water nullifying splash damage) and finished off the Vanguard that was trying to escape.


The remaining tanks had pushed through the north flank toward our flag. We moved up there and I held my two remaining shots in the mag. I used one to finish off a T25 AT and then reloaded. The T54E1 ally moved up too far and got killed by arty, leaving me alone against a UDES 14, King Tiger, SU-130PM, B-C 12t, and the arty.

About this time, my next mag was ready, and the UDES poked out to my left. He missed his shot and I hit mine. The Tiger poked next right in front, presented his side armor to me in the traditional fashion, and he was done. The SU tried to come in from the right, but I had a rock for cover and was able to beat him to the punch. All 3 of those tanks were one-shots so it was a nice little 3-piece.

The B-C rushed at me and I put my last shell of the mag into him, he missed a shot on me and retreated. I'm not sure if he didn't realize I was out, or maybe he was out too, but he could have easily killed me there. He made a move towards our flag, so I decided to run back down to the middle lane and push towards him that way. It worked, because he didn't even realize that I was coming from the other direction. I killed him before he could even get his gun on me. I then chose to hump the nearest solid object while I reloaded.

The search for arty was far less interesting than I thought it would be. I figured he was either camping spawn on that little peninsula in J0 or he was pushing the north flank to cap once I ran away. Nope, ran into him near the city when I pushed middle lane towards their flag. My first shot ghost shelled through him, I thought I was dead right there. He turned and fired a poorly aimed shot at me and missed, and I was able to get him before he got into cover.

Absolutely wonderful game that I will probably never be able to recreate. Had some help from some good teammates and some bad reds.

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