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12.12. update causing issues with artillery?

WorldofTanks9 - 12.12. update causing issues with artillery?

"Haven't artillery always been causing issues?"

True. But to get back to the topic, I think the update for today did something unintended to arty controls. It used to be possible to aim at a specific point of a vertical surface by using the shell trajectory view. However, now the reticle snaps directly from the ground to the top of the vertical surface even in the shell trajectory view. For example, in Redshire it's no longer possible to aim under some parts of the crashed zeppelin in the shell view because the reticle snaps immediately to the top of the zeppelin.


There is also another issue. Some times after pressing SHIFT to return from the arty shooting view to the driving view the first directional button (forward, reverse, left, right) doesn't do anything. The way to work around this is to double tap the directional button. If you begin your movement before pressing SHIFT everything seems fine. Also, sometimes this glitch doesn't appear. I'm not sure what causes it. It might be related to the view you had before pressing SHIFT to return to the driver's view.

All other tank types work just fine.

I didn't see other posts about these issues, so I guess I will bite the bullet for informing about issues playing arty. Let the downvotes begin!

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