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12k Subs Milestone Contest Announcement

WorldofTanks5 - 12k Subs Milestone Contest Announcement

Im very pleased to announce (for the second time after nero stole my bastard thunder) we have grown our community to 12k subscribers which is pretty decent for our little f2p console game.

To mark this event how about a little tomato friendly contest?

As I have previously done to recognise other sub achievements I'm going to lean on the number as the focus.


  • We are looking for as close to 12k silver profit OR loss from a game as possible.
  • Whichever account you have, premium or not, we will use that line.
  • Contest ends in TWELVE days on Saturday 11th July 9am UTC.
  • For Xbox One, screenshots must be taken through the console of the results screen. Example from the xboxdvr page. If you have not used the site before just search for your gamertag on that link, navigate and find your screen. If you have not taken an X1 screenshot before then double tap the glowing Xbox button and you should see at the top of the screen "Press X for screenshot", "Press Y for video record". A good resolution photo must be linked if you are on 360 (you savage peasant you). On PS4 please take a screenshot using the share button and then post the link.
  • Posts must clearly show the date in the top right of the post battle screens and must be from the time of this post. No going through your capture history to find a historical one.
  • Post your entry here. Please submit just one post, however you may edit your post up to the deadline if you improve your best score. Remember there's a random prize so you lose nothing from submitting.
  • Do not post anything but results here please. If you have questions, message me. I will remove anything that isn't without impunity. You can add a comment with your entry though.
  • Random battles only. Platoons allowed. Any tier.
  • All entries must be within +/-10k silver of either target. I.e. -22k to -2k or 2k to 22k. Entries outside this will be ignored due to lack of spirit of the contest.
  • You cant enter for both categories.


TWO categories


1. PROFIT (+12k silver)

  • 1st place gets the choice of a Yazi, T32-A Proto or Banshee Comet.
  • 2nd place gets the choice of whats left.
  • 3rd gets the last tank.

We are looking to get people tanks they dont have as if you redeem the code when you own it you get a silver return which seems a waste of a tier 7 or 8 premium code. You will be given a week from the end of the contest to pick your tank or your winning position will be replaced. I will contact the winners directly.

2. LOSS (-12k silver)

  • 1st place 30 days premium
  • 2nd place 14 days premium
  • 3rd place 7 days premium

You obviously need the premium time if you're losing silver 🙂

For every 10 contestants we will add a 3 days premium code as a random draw for all non-winning participants.

Good luck.

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