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3-marked the E 75! :) Here’s some tips for anyone who is trying to do the same

WorldofTanks1 - 3-marked the E 75! :) Here's some tips for anyone who is trying to do the same

3297 WN8, 128 battles, 65% winrate, total dmg 3282, blocked 1550 dmg

Overview :

So, E 75, one of the strongest heavies at tier 9. Turns out, the armor works really well. For some reason, most players don't automatically load gold when they see this tank! Basic heavy tactics of side-scraping will get you far with this bad boy when brawling and if you trade well you should do more than your HP every game. The gun handles really nicely and I hit so many dodgy snapshots, it blew my mind. Hull traverse gets to around 37 per second with my loadout/crew and really allows you to bait shots into the tracks. Huge, HUGE upgrade over the Tiger 2… but that tank isn't as bad as people say 😉

Tips :

My general strategy was to play aggressive but preserve my HP. Get right on the front lines and (intelligently) use your armor + view range. I ran optics up until 92% and then switched for food + vents. This gives you over the max view range the whole time and gets you loads of spotting on camping TDs. Spotting dmg is more important than tracking dmg unless its a close quarters brawl, because only one of them counts. Fire APCR to mitigate RNG on hard to pen targets, 246 pen gets you far but its no Centurion 7/1. Always load your first shot to be gold if you anticipate facing anything tough to pen. I noticed that if you do that, it psychologically effects the player. They often play more passively because they realize their tank's armor isn't going to help them. If you aggressively push with your teammates you can bully most tanks (DON'T spam APCR, its not necessary). After this, you're either living through your own Alamo and likely very outnumbered. Or it worked! If the game is in the cleanup phase, you are positioned at the front of the pack and are likely to get all the spotting dmg from campers since you have great view range!

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Very often the smart decision is to turn around and defend the base. You can usually get at least one or two more shots of damage if you're defending the cap, even if you're being swarmed. In the E75, that's nearly 1000 dmg on avg, it really adds up! One last thing: you can't get dmg or assisting dmg if you're dead at the start of the game!

Doing these things will get you closer to a mark in most tanks tbh, and improve your general winrate/stats too.

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