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WorldofTanks8 - 6.0 FAQ (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Here is a list of all the questions and bugs I keep seeing asked over and over, every single day since the update with answers or workarounds. If you choose not to read this before posting something that is covered here, I'm likely to delete your post and tell you to check the sub stickies. We've been regurgitating the same information for three weeks now. I'm over it. So here goes.

My small consumables won't work.

Fix (supposedly): Open chat wheel, select a blank space, and then consumable should work.

Cause: Quit using the chat wheel. I've only found mine don't work if I've already opened the chat wheel earlier in the match. Stop it. Nobody cares if you want to ping the heavy camping in base. You should have looked at the map before you took the entire left flank by yourself in your mid tiered medium.


Not happening, sorry. That said, I agree with you all that we could have reproduced what we had in the old game rather than reinventing the wheel.

Muh consumables cost a bunch

We know. They decided that giving every consumable a passive boost was a good way to say you got a use out of it every game, so it gets consumed. No, we don't like it either. Minto has hinted on stream that they are "looking into it."

They're taking my XP from me!!!

No, they aren't.

Where are my crews?

They have been turned into commanders, are capped at 9 skills (which have been buffed), and you must pick your skills over again. You can play without a commander and you can tell if you have one by looking at the tank card. No helmet, no commander. If you want to see who is in a specific tank, highlight the tank, then tab over to the commander tab at the top.


Can I move my map?

Hold whatever your version of the Select button is on your controller twice.

Why is research so expensive?

They changed the tech tree to "Linear Vehicle Progression." Yes, this means you cannot skip packages any more. Yes, you must research the other two tier tens before you get the Object 430U. No, we don't know if it is up to be changed back or altered. Also, it is showing you the cost of every package to get to tier 9 from your tier 7, so calm down a bit. It'll go down every package you research.

I'm losing silver.

Large consumables are 20k each every game and you use them automatically. That's 60k silver. Check your settings.

How does my equipment work?

It no longer costs gold to dismount equipment, but you lose half of your silver cost in a refund for dismounting the equipment, just like selling your tank.

Does Wargaming read the sub?

Sometimes. If you want to give your input directly to WG, go back to the forums.

Why are we only playing 5 maps? I miss X, it was my favorite.

Maps that haven't been updated to the new graphics standard for 6.0 have been removed. They will be added back as they are completed.

I'm uninstalling.


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