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(6.0) Unicum review: Type 5 Heavy

WorldofTanks3 - (6.0) Unicum review: Type 5 Heavy

Since 6.0 has thrown a wrench in many of my planned reviews of tanks such as the E100 and Foch 155 due to crew changes, pen changes and everything else done in this update. I have to consider crew skills as well for these reviews since we have limited slots now. Which require extensive playtime with those two tanks.

However this update has not affected the role of our HE slinging XP pinyata in the Type 5. If anything it has helped it out to being something a little bit more than just a meme, still not competitive in any sense but a good tank to have a laugh in like the Tusk.

Equipment : Vert Stab, Rammer, Vents (granted spall liner, Optics, and enhanced armor are all decent choices here.)

Gun used: 15cm, You use these tanks for their derp guns forget the 14cm exists.

Ammo: 30 HE, 10 HEAT.

Crew Skills: You always pick the 5 crutch perks. Sixth Sense, Leadership, Rapid Loading, Steady aim, and your choice of Track mechanic or repairs, for this tank I recommend track mechanic.

Your other 4 slots are to taste but I used Off Road Driving, Clutch braking, Situational awareness, and the skill that reduces damage done to the tank. Cause everything else is pretty much useless on the Type 5.

Consumables: Large Repair, Large First Aid, Food (You can use a fire extinguisher but the premium one no longer auto extinguishes.)

TL:DR of this tank

This thing is the definition of inconsistent. You either encounter people that think firing prem makes them bad and you farm them and laugh as rounds plink off your armor or you either get eviscerated by a light blueberry that knows to fire prem at this dumpster fire. If you use the 14cm you may as well play the E100 or 60TP, this tank is about the HE meme gun. When this tank works however it is some of the most hilarious fun I have had playing this game.

Survivability: 7/10

Ok first thing is first, You have the second highest HP pool in the entire game sitting at 2800HP and that is a lot of health only beaten by the Maus. The Armor is very impressive on paper 260mm on the lower plate, 270mm on the mid plate and 280mm on the turret. Even with the shoulder plates being 250mm the tank angled at it's weakest is 270mm effective on that hull cheek. While the rest of the armor is easily hitting 300-325mm everywhere else on the tank except the turret which is still 280mm.

This is where this tank can farm a bunch of people that absolutely refuse to fire prem ammo. As only a handful of tier X TDs can reliably pen it and they still have to hit that small hull cheek if you're angled. Otherwise thanks the the sheer size of this tank many tanks have to aim up at it making the Turret and Cupola on this tank much stronger than they appear.

Now with that kind of armor why does this tank only get a 7 out of 10? This is where the armour reels it's ugly head. The armor is as flat as a pancake, HEAT rips this tank apart and 90% of the tanks at tier 10 fire HEAT as premium ammo. Which effectively turns this tank into the Type 5 XP pinyata. Which the only way you can counter this is over angling and hoping they are stupid enough to shoot into your massive spaced side armor or use the damage reducing equipment and skills to make this thing take more shots to take down. However you can sidescrape cause the sides are 140mm thick covered by massive tracks and very thick sideskirts so you can overangle and hide your hull cheeks.

Vision: 3/10

This tank has the worst camo in the entire game. Plain and simple. At least you have 400 meter view range to compensate for that a bit. Since bushes actually work now and there are plenty of them on maps you just get out spotted by everything. Hope you're good at predicting where you got spotted from because you are rarely gonna have first shot advantage.

Gun: 6/10

Pretty high score for an unreliable derp cannon but I do honestly believe this cannon does have it's niche with how the tank is designed. The HE has 1100 Alpha, 85mm of pen, and it flies at a very respectable 900 meters a second. While the HEAT has a very paltry 264mm of pen and a bad 750 M/S flight speed. This shell is really only good against tanks with enough armor to block your HE but can't block your HEAT. This is usually used for quickly dispatching tier 8 tanks as they don't have a hope in hell against this thing. The only other tank where you have to learn this is the T49 with the 152mm so not a lot of leeway to train for this.


Now there are a lot of tanks scared at peeking a Shitbarn or Waffle E100 which are still 2 pretty common TDs you see at tier 10. I have never felt so confident peeking these tanks in any other tank as I do the Type 5. You actually scare these two because you can very easily two shot them. The Shitbarn can't pen you with HESH reliably at all. The Waffle can lose half its HP just from you putting your reticle over his gun shield and snapping him. He can't rush you cause he can't clip you out. Plus if you angle right the 15cm gun is worse against the Type 5 cause when it is angled it is a coin flip for his HEAT to go through your frontal and lower plates.

If you have a talent for shooting lights tanks this tank punishes them hard for any mistake. 6.0 took the general wonky feeling away from this gun as with every other gun in this update. I have straight up killed entire crews of lights with this cannon on pens. If not your slamming them in the tracks for 700-800 damage and blowing them off in the process. The HE seems to have a big splash radius as well. You can easily shoot under tanks or at their roofs and do 450-550 damage and this will likely kill modules and or crew. This tank gets 10 degrees of gun depression but thanks to the tanks gargantuan size it feels more like 7 degrees.

Carry Potential: 3/10

This tank can be spotted from the moon, it is slow as hell going only 25KPH, granted it has a surprising traverse speed for a heavy of it's size. Thanks to the size many tanks can sidehug you. The list goes on and on for the problems this thing has carrying. It can carry hard of the enemy refuses to fire prem at you and has no arty but your probably more likely to win the lottery than have that happen in a tanks match. This tank is a tank to have a laugh in if you want to contribute in a superheavy the 72.01k, E100 and 60TP are all better for this role.


(++) Great armor against potatoes which make up the majority of the playerbase.

(++) HE gun does not give a fuck about tanks like the Valour and S.Conq and can slam them in the turret for 450-500 when you hit roofs.

(+) The only heavy that the Waffle E100 and Shitbarn are scared to trade with.

(+) Can cause tons of module and crew damage very easily

(+) Tier 8s don't stand a chance against this thing.

(+) Gun is a point and click adventure all you gotta do is hit.

(+) Is an HE gun so the pen changes have helped it's damage output.

(—) Worst camo in the game

(–) Slow as shit

(-) Worst effective DPM at tier 10, is strangely some of the most reliable damage against the strew of hull down monsters we have.

(-) Armor is negated by prem ammo.

(-) 14cm gun is worthless and is a pointless XP sink thanks to 6.0 making you have to research the 15cm on this tank when previously you just had it from the Type 4.

(-) Gets ammo racked a lot but this has been fixed a bit by reusable consumables.

(-) Turret can't angle much due to the hexagonal shape.

(-) It's a superheavy it is arty food.

General score: 4/10

While 6.0 gave the Type 5 many unintended buffs due to changes in game mechanics. The tank overall is still the worst tier 10 heavy in the game. Most of the time the E100 and 60TP just strictly make this thing pointless. Other than you driving this thing and slinging HE and snorting glue driving it having a laugh when you do have a game where people don't fire prem at you.

Those games are about 1 in 10 in this thing. Granted when it happens it is hilarious. Hilarious enough for me to three mark it.

Is it worth the grind:

If this was before 6.0 I would say a somewhat reluctant yes if you liked derp guns.

Thanks to 6.0 changes where every tank has to get modules researched again makes this grind one of the biggest XP sinks in the game rivaling some lines that split off into two even in same cases three tanks for just one tier 10. The few niches this tank has is not worth this massive grind. So unless you have a massive hate for shitbarns and waffles dont grind this line past the O-I. You could easily grind the E100 and get 3-4 fantastic tanks along the way to it.

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