World of Tanks

7 Year Anniversary Stream Contest!

WorldofTanks6 - 7 Year Anniversary Stream Contest!

Tomorrow we have two really special events going on. First off, we will have our regular sit down with PainGod to talk about what the development team is currently working on next. This will run from 1400 CST (2000 UTC) to 1430 CST (2030 UTC). Questions are welcome, and encouraged!

Following this, there will be a short intermission, and then we will kick off the Seven Year Anniversary Stream at approximately 1430 CST (2030 UTC) and will run till 1600 CST (2200 UTC). For the stream, we will be playing Custom Games against the community!

We will be joined on stream by special guests from the World of Tanks Console team, and our team will consist of Community Contributors, Ambassadors, and World of Tanks Console staff! The opposition team will be made up of you all, the community! Now is your chance to play against us all in one place!

How do I take part?

This will happen on the NA server. We are expecting pretty high demand on the community team, so we will refresh the community team every match, so as many people have a chance to play as possible. We also will try and limit community players to one game per player if demand is really high. On the World of Tanks Console team, we will substitute players in and out depending on how many are able to join the stream.

How can I watch it?

You can watch the stream on Twitch at
wotconsole - 7 Year Anniversary Stream Contest!

WoTConsole. The stream starts after the Community Update Stream on the same channel, so stay right there once the stream finishes. You can expect some bonus codes for those of you who want to watch, and take part in the stream. You are also able to take part in the voting for the Stream MVP, more information below.

Can I win things?


Yes! There are a few ways to win things. The best way to maximize your chances of winning something is to simply come to the stream, and try and join the community team in-game. However, there are extra ways of winning for this special occasion. On Social Media lookout for a post that promotes this stream for more information on what you can win, and how to win it. On the Forums, Discord, and here (below), simply write down your favorite moment or share your favorite video/picture in World of Tanks Console over the last seven years, and your Gamertag and which console you play on for a chance to be randomly selected to win 2,500,000 silver. One lucky winner from each channel will be randomly selected!

**I can win more things?**Yes! But these are a little more difficult. A bounty has been placed on my head. For every time I (MintoVimto), am killed in-game, there is a chance of claiming a bounty of 1,000,000 silver. To claim your bounty you must do the following. Join our Discord, and post your screenshot in the #bounty-claims channel proving that you have claimed your bounty, with your Gamertag, and console, and I will credit the funds. The final way of winning something is by being voted as the MVP of the stream. During the stream, we will run a poll via a bot to determine who was the best player throughout the stream. This player will win any premium tank of their choice which is currently available on the Premium Tech Tree.

What are the rules?

In the Custom Games match, there are some rules. Teams are 15 v 15. Tiers IV, V, and VI will be available. All tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery pieces are welcome. Various game modes and maps will be played. The community team will be refreshed following every game. If demand is high, one game per player will be enforced.

When do I get my stuff?
We are off Monday 15th February for Presidents Day, so I will try and credit everything by Wednesday 17th February.

Happy anniversary, and all the best,

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