World of Tanks

7 Years down the drain

WorldofTanks6 - 7 Years down the drain

Yeah, it's another post about how someone feels about the game post 6.0. If you don't wanna read this because of that then don't.

I played this game for 7 years though, dumped over 5k into investing in it's future effectively, and built some of my strongest friendships I have off of that game. I also quietly became semi-known to a good handful of players for my skill, particularly with artillery (but mostly because I was/am good with artillery AND all classes), and hated for my disdain towards the fact I believe (and still believe) you didn't need a gun rammer to be competitive and it wasn't mandatory. And man, I loved pissing off all you other guys who were irritated and called me a scrub for saying that (good times you know). Like, it's just disappointing what's become of it.

The other day I found out I lost a friend due to Covid. It happened several weeks ago, I didn't find out until his brother got into his phone recently and sent me the message, but to put it lightly I am not alright and going through heavy shit. What I usually did (and what I really wish I could do) when I'm down and incredibly depressed is play WoT. Back in the good ol days, I could create new memories and just be able to numb the pain for a little bit. Numb the pain whether it be having a good match, trying to 3 mark another damn artillery, or getting a bit bitter at the teams. Like honestly, I even miss complaining about the teams, because at this point I just don't play the game at all. That's simply because it's just not the same game anymore.


I understand things change and evolve (or devolve) over time, but the what Wargaming Detroit did to all of us is just awful. They didn't want to improve or evolve the game (not in recent times at least, not since at least some mercenary devs but you can debate at what point they stopped caring, but after Valor they stopped without questions), they wanted to make a completely different game. And credit where credits due, they did just that. They completely changed the fundamentals and the core of the game and decimated what it was, to a point where shit just didn't make real sense. There is no real balance, everything is regressed. So credit where credits due, they made a 'unique' game that should be called 'tanks of the world' because it doesn't deserve to be called world of tanks anymore. It's just insulting.

The game had it's flaws but at it's core, it was a fun enjoyable game that I and I'm sure many of you would just come home and sit down to enjoy (or maybe not enjoy) playing for a few battles or a few hours, and shit talk artillery to some good buds. RIP.

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