World of Tanks

A conversation with myself about the future of Perks, Skills and Tank Equipment

WorldofTanks4 - A conversation with myself about the future of Perks, Skills and Tank Equipment

Hello reddit tankers, happy middle of the week to all.

I was watching the last video from Skill4ltu where he addresses which skills are useful and which are not for crewmembers. Made me think that Dezgames cover the same topic some months ago and I formed an opinion already that got lost in my mind.

I've decided to share it here, to see what you people think, and maybe find if it's going in the right direction or I've missed some flaws on it.

As it happens with tank equipment, skills are pretty much dumb and straightforward. You will NEVER pass on Gun-rammer or Situational Awareness the majority of time. In the same venue, no one will use "Fill tanks with CO2" or "Call for Vengeance". There is no cost-gain dilemma in either of those categories, as with consumables: Repair, First Aid, and Food-Fire-extinguisher will be the 95% choice of every commander.

That's why I believe they should rework the system, creating a model where all equipment/perks can be useful yet impossible to combine all together, which will give commanders tough choices to make and tanks different performances on the battlefield.

For equipment, make so that they are exclusive depending on the position on the tank (just putting some random ideas with no tank knowledge here).

Gunrammer or Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (which, to compete, should be buffed) for the Gun.


Coated Optics or Vents for the Turret.

Camo net or Binoculars for Outside equipment

This way you have to make hard choices on how your tanks will act. Will your TD be able to spot for itself or be better at hiding? Do you want a tank with faster reload of better aim time? Perhaps, even, Heavier tanks may carry extra equipment at the cost of extra weight.

For skills, they should improve an existing attribute of the tank while going to 100%, and doing an extra service when they reach 100% (although not all them seem to be capable of following this).


Sixth Sense – Tells you when you are spotted, at 100% with lesser delay.

Armorer – Faster gun repair, at 100% repairs it back to full condition.

Preventive maintenance – Reduces chance of fire, at 100% repairs it to full condition.

Camouflage – Increased camo, at 100% makes you set Camo Net 1 second faster.

Clutch Breaking – Increased traverse speed. At 100%, maybe faster track repair on top of Repairs which is for general damages?

That's it, sorry for this wall of text and chaos of ideas. Thanks for reading and looking forward to the torches and pitchforks.

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