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A lost of things I feel are complete bullshit

WorldofTanks8 - A lost of things I feel are complete bullshit

First is why does every single fucking tank in the game need to have a cannon capable of splitting the moon in two? I just dont see why every tank has to have a strong gun that pierces no matter what.

Second what's the point of heavy tanks when every tank has a gun that just pierces through front armor? I love heavies there fun but when your slow and basically a moving target its not fun.

Third the matchmaking. I know most know how shit the matchmaking is but do WG understand the difference of tier 7 and tier 9? I have played countless matches in tier 7s vs tier 9s and 8s and I'm the only tier 7 or theres one more on the enemy team. It makes no sense to put people at such a disadvantage. I know I've been told shoot tracks and shit but its impossible when your the first to die sitting behind your team.

Fourth arty is completely busted. I will be sitting there still for about one second and dead because arties just dont miss. Running around in light tanks I get nuked by arties, moving at 60kmh I dont get how it makes no sense. Splash damage is just as fucked, it feels like it directly hitting me does the same as when it hits 30ft away.

Fifth unfair premiums. I went looking at premiums the other day and noticed some tanks that were just either complete lies or jokes. Like the massive amounts of tiger variants. The citadel and tiger 217 are some I see alot and are tier 6. How is that fair I know that theres the +2/-2 matches and shit but if they get into lower tier matches they win since it's the armor and gun of a tier 7 they have lower health but all else is the same. The pz.V/IV is the turret of panzers on the body of a panther which is again tier 7. Its just matching different pieces of tanks and calling it good.


Sixth is xp gains. So when you play higher tiers you do more damage and block more so you get more xp yes? No I've played with all sorts of tanks and doing 1000 damage with tier 7 below gets me around 1000xp or less but I did 4k xp in a tier 10 and got 400xp it doesn't make sense. I know your not supposed to zoom through the tech tree and immediately get tier 10s but how are you supposed to do anything with poor starting equipment if you cant get xp? The IS is good example so it has the turret of the kv-85 and starting gun aswell mind you itd tier 6 the second gun you unlock is the second gun on the kv-85 why is that? You also dont unlock it until you unlock a turret module you cant use till you get the 3rd gun upgrade which is around 40k xp from the start to the 3rd gun. It makes no sense and the unlocking everything is bullshit.

Seventh random bullshit. So I know a little about tanks and I know that it's a game and that if it were reality tanks would one shot each other on the regular but thing is whenever some people shoot me where there is no way they can do damage is dumb. Like getting shot in the tracks until my tank explodes is stupid and makes no sense. My tank getting set in fire even tho it has external fuel tanks which literally made it so that it wouldn't damage the tank if it set fire but no.

Eight my realization. This rant was pointless and a waste if time. War thunder offers more realism and actual tank combat with logical damage. War thunder just isnt my cup of tea so I dont play it but I just wanted to say some shit about wot and hope maybe they'll fix the game back to how it was.

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