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A person with under 2k battles describes the experience of going up through the German heavy line with no prior knowledge.

WorldofTanks6 - A person with under 2k battles describes the experience of going up through the German heavy line with no prior knowledge.

EVERYONE THAT DOESN'T LIKE READING MUCH: TLDR of the story in the last 2 paragraphs of the post, just wanted to go over my experiences with the tanks in the heavy German line.

I will tell you a tale about the noob who like the Tiger 1 and just wanted that, and hear his story as he goes through the German heavy line.

A boy returning from blitz over to PC 4 years later after he rage quit when he lost his M4A3E8 found the game on PC, and was amazed at how good it looked with so much more content that was in the game compared to previous, so he joined and went down the German line. There was two paths of his journey he could have taken: the Pz. 35(t) or Pz. 2. Fortunately for the boy he avoided the cursed DW2 and mildly average VK 30.01 (H) and went for the Pz 4 (H).

The boy has grown older but has learned nothing, all he knows is that big gun shoot and do lot of damage with low pen.
The next tank would change him. Forever.

The boy finally saved enough xp and credits with his free acc with no premium vehicles helping him, so happy with his first ever heavy tank, the VK 36.01 (H). He marched out on the battlefield and went and brawled with the other heavies with the high hopes of destroying anything that crossed his path. Ammoracked. Not even far from spawn and people were mowing him down and one ammoracked. The credits loss could not compare to the innocence lost. This, was the German heavy line.

The boy knows nothing of sidescraping and yet still attempts to fight head on thinking that the pain will be over soon with the legend that is the Tiger. Although the battles were long and harsh, he did mark the tank but thought nothing of it since he never understood what they meant. At long last he got the Tiger 1.

Being appalled at the Henschel turret on the Tiger 1, he bought gold for the first time to boost through the tank. Having the top gun and everything ready, he set out to— destroyed. He didin't understand! The Tiger 1 is supposed to be "like indestructible from Stalin shells" but instead he gets one shot from a KV-2. "Russian bias!" he thought to himself. The boy quit the game for 2 months and cried in a corner.

The boy eventually returned again, with his head held high and hoping for another chance at doing great. Along the way he learned of side scraping, and was able to hold his own in tight situations. In fact he was getting dangerously good in the Tiger 1, gaining a respect for the tank. With this motivation he was ready to get enough xp for the Tiger 2.

Before going straight into the next German tank, he went around forums and the wiki to see what people say about the Tiger 2. Most said it was underpowered and needed a buff which concerned the experience boy but he was not deterred from it, as the wiki said the Tiger 2 was like a more heavily armored Tiger 1. "Great," he thought "I will be dominating in this tank, and nothing will keep me from destroying people." He bought gold again to research everything except the top gun as he did not have enough free experience. Today, he will learn not to trust the wiki.


First match. Top tier. Rolling out into battle with his head held high, 100% crew in hand he was ready to fight them. He knew how to side scrape, hes been through this before. Penned. Where was he penned? How could they pen? WHY could they pen?! Ultimately he saw this as maybe the tank being a new experience since the chassis was completely different. After 20 games, he found out it wasn't the chassis that wasn't only letting him down. The turret was no good for the type of side scraping play, often being the thing a T6 tank penned often.

The gun, although fairly decent, was not even strong enough to go through the cupola of equal tier heavy tanks. "Maybe the top gun will help," he said. The extra 225mm did not help enough. Cupolas still stronger than upper plates still happened, and all seemed lost. The Tiger 2 was really only use whenever he wanted to do frontline, and even then the IS-3As would chew away at the hitpoints that have not improved over the Tiger 1.

"I've had it," he said. "I sidescrape but my turret gets penned. I stay back as a second line heavy sniper and arty then just focuses me. I try to avoid heavy lane but still end up being ripped to shreds."

Despite this, he learned his lesson from the Tiger 1 that all you have to do is toughen it out and just save up for the next tank and the situation can get better. It did not get better, but the grind towards the E75 was more intense as this tank was godly compared to the current tank he has. One night he finally made it. The E75 was finally researchable and he immediately purchases it.

The E75, with its still stock turret with poor armor, still feels like victory. Side scrapping became much easier with less problems of penetrations. The gun, although a bad stock, still felt great with its better rate of fire. This is the tank he wanted, the one he has been searching for! Was it worth the effort? Maybe not, but through this experience the boy has learned many valuable lessons of the game.

  1. Map awareness
  2. Side scraping mechanics
  3. Weak spots on tanks
  4. How each statistic of a tank works
  5. Proper equipment for tanks
  6. Finding ideal spots for heavy vehicles that have poor frontal armor.

and more.

That boy may not be a great tanker, but he has become a better one.

Although Russian bias is real, and The Tiger 2 and VK 36.01 (H) tanks are underpowered compared to almost all heavy tanks in their tier, they are not for an easy ride or game changing vehicles. They are great tanks that are meant to teach new players how to play effectively with what they have, and I think thats what some people missed with how they made the Tiger 1's frontal armor poor in comparison to equally tier heavies. It was not meant to be crushing everything in its path, if you wanted that you should have bought Tiger 131 as it is easier to use in a similar fashion. I will be a proud E100 owner in the following month after I properly grind out the E75. German heavy tanks were supposed to teach you how to be a better player and I agree with that, but do you know what I don't agree with?

The Object 268 Version 4.

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