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A Tail of Two Panthers

WorldofTanks8 - A Tail of Two Panthers

Based on the rave reviews of my last ‘Common Man’s 1 Mark Journey: Bretagne and Wojtek,’ I’m back with another pair of perennial premium powderpuffs. The Pz V/M10 (War Crimes) and the Warlord Panther (Pimp Panther).

The Tanks:

The PzV/M10 is based on actual historical events, when the Germans mocked up the hulls and turrets of their Panthers to look like M10 Wolverine TDs. Hilarity ensued, as Corporal Klink had a field day confusing and antagonizing the hapless Allies. Ho Ho Hohenschwangau!

This tank has American livery and also American barrel marks for MOEs. However it only accepts German crews. It has a clone, the Champion PzV/M10, which was a rare prize from the glory days of WOTC when everyone loved the game and nobody bitched about the devs, arty, the mods, or MM.

Back when War Stories was a thing, you could get a discounted PzV/M10 for completing one of the missions.

The Warlord Panther can only be described as Sex on Tracks. The flat black, the Kanji script, the gold lame (pronounced le’may, NOT layme). Put a Lucky Kitty emblem on this and you’re ready to street walk, dope slap, and cut any biatch that fronts to you and tries to steal your hobo wine.

Stats wise, these are nearly identical tanks. Same Guns. Same Tier (7). Both have PMM (preferential match making).

The PzV has a little extra spaced armor (about 5mm) due to the mock up around the hull and turret, which gives it 100 more hit points — making the war crimes tribunal totally worth it. Jawohl!

The play:


These are Panthers. Not very quick, but very accurate and very rapid firing. See my review of the Bretagne and Wojtek, which are also Panthers just from different countries. The guns are snappy, accurate, and AMX 13/57 like when you have skills, gear, and food on board.

The setup:

For gear I do optics, rammer, vents. My crews are biased towards accuracy and vision. You’re not getting Kraft Panther pen here, so carry a little APCR for those Absolutions, T29s, and IS-Ms. And let’s be honest, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the Snakebites, Nashorns and Hummels as well.

The story:

It took me 69* (nice) battles to get 1 mark on the PzV/M10. I found this to be a really fun tank that can hang with the 8s and absolutely shred 6s. When +1/-1 rolls around it’s time to make some hay.

It took 58* battles to get 1 mark on the Pimp Panther.

*the last 20% of the PzV and last 50% of the Warlord were in the Steroid Era (Post 6.0) when nothing misses and everything pens. Getting a couple extra pens is HUGE for a tank with 135 alpha.


These tanks get kicked to the curb and discounted by people who are ‘In the know’, and by our own CitrusKopf. But if you like mid-tier shenanigans and preferential monkey shines, one (or both) of these tanks may have a place in your garage.

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