World of Tanks

Account compromised, WOT support is a joke.

WorldofTanks2 - Account compromised, WOT support is a joke.

Back in June I requested an email change due to me no longer useing Hotmail and primarily using GMail. So after a week of back and forth with support on proving it was me requesting this, al a, showing bank statements from 2011 when it was created and original ISP I was using when I created it. It took some digging because I created the account when I was doing predeplpiyment training in New Mexico before my long trip to Iraq.

Anyway they verified me and allowed me to change my email.

Fast forward a few months to this week I was on a 3 month long vacation again with work with no access to playing game or WOT, I came back this month to find out my username/ password does not work I attempt to reset it and find out the verification phone number is deferent and the email I used for this game was also compromised and the verification was changed to a Chinese email and phone number.


After sending in all this information and proof of screenshots of my account creation and original ISP, bank statements of first purchases etc.. they continue to say they cannot verify my information.

EVEN though it’s the same information that they verified was correct In June of this year.

I’m glad I’ve spent thousands of dollars on this game to have a Chinese hacker take over my account and I am unable to get it back.

What a joke.

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