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Add more mid-tier premium tanks!

WorldofTanks8 - Add more mid-tier premium tanks!

Hey WG, you've really made a lot of mistakes over the last several years. Recently, you did do something right and that was release a premium version of the KV-2 and Firefly.

How about doing the same thing for tiers 5-7. Not everyone can afford tier 8 premiums. Not everyone wants to play tier 8. This would greatly help new players since buying a $20-$30 premium tank is a lot cheaper than a $50+ tank.

You wouldn't even have to make it a new tank, there are plenty of great tanks at these tiers to clone as a premium tank just like you did with the KV-2.

As much as I hate this game right now, I would purchase the following premium tanks if they were an option and I bet other players would as well. Also, make some of the tier 6 premiums like the Berlin tanks permanently in the shop.

Here is a suggested list:

Tier 5

  • M4 Sherman(with derp gun)
  • Pz.IV H(with derp gun)
  • T-67
  • Wolverine(with derp gun)
  • KV-1
  • KV-1S(with derp gun)
  • BDR
  • Bathtub of Doom
  • SU-85

Tier 6

  • KV-85
  • M6
  • Arl 44
  • Hellcat
  • Jackson
  • Achilles
  • Sherman Jumbo(with stock turret and derp gun)
  • Easy 8
  • SU-100

Tier 7

  • Tiger 1
  • IS-2(Chinese version)
  • IS-2 Soviet version
  • SU-152

You get my point. There are a lot of other good options but it's early in the morning and I am sure players could add to this list making it a lot better.

Instead of losing sales from overpriced tier 8 premiums, how bout adding mid tier premiums for our favorite tanks and not in a bundle only!!!!!!!!!!


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