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Affirmative Action is killing my win rate

WorldofTanks10 - Affirmative Action is killing my win rate

Hello fellow tankers, I recently bought a bunch of Christmas boxes and acquired the leFH18B2 along with a hefty collection of decorations.

I used the decorations to reach tier 10 festivity. I thought the boys would appreciate them during their downtime after a day of hard work.

I was happy to see that getting tier 10 festivity rewarded me with discounts on tanks. There were also four female tank crew members smuggled into the rewards who came with two skills each. I didn't even have to interview them.

This is where the problems began. I assigned all four of them to the leFH18B2. This tank has a crew of four, meaning it's now an all female tank crew.

You can already see how much of a disaster this would turn out to be I'm sure. In the first game the tank was completely unable to drive forwards, I had to reverse into a bush. I was killed before Sixth Sense perk went off, leading me to believe the commander was rushed through training for diversity's sake.


I even messed up their free diversity assigned skills by giving them all Brothers-In-Arms perk. Judging from my horrific win rate I can only assume the perk does nothing for females and War Gaming must add a Sisters-In-Arms perk.

I later learned that the Christmas boxes had a chance to give "Simon Claws" a very skilful gentleman who comes with Sixth Sense and Brothers-In-Arms. So I went and bought some more boxes and was lucky enough to get him. Now I'm stuck with the moral dilemma, do I replace the leFH18B2's commander with Simon? Would I get in trouble for that? What if I unwittingly put him into a #MeToo situation?

The only realistic solution I can think of is for War Gaming to change the crew count from four to five in the leFH18B2 so that I can add Simon in as a commander and get my win rate back on track.

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Any tips and tricks would be very helpful, this is a situation where I must tread lightly.

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