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Altilary cleaning: Proposal for a reduction, to create a focused group for future changes.

WorldofTanks8 - Altilary cleaning: Proposal for a reduction, to create a focused group for future changes.

To allow easier future changes to the artillery class, we will be reducing the number of artillery in game to have a better focus group on the changes. In Patch (Insert number) artillery will now only be at tiers 6, 8 and 10.

With the reduction in tiers, some artillery we be moved to replace the current artillery already at that tier. This will be done to better make each artillery line have a stronger theme.

Changes for each nation:


US artillery have a focus on larger caliber at higher tiers and will be the theme of the line.

The M40/43 and T92 will remain at their current tiers. The M12 will be rebalence for tier 6 with having a bit more damage compared to the other 155's to match the nation's theme of highest alpha damage.

The M12 will be researched from T37.


The current russian line is a bit of a mixed bag. At lower tiers and tier 10 they tend to have lower caliber guns. Tier 7 to 9 they have access to large inaccurate guns. To better fit the tier 10 the line will focus on higher ROF and lower average caliber.

Su-8 and object 261 will remain but the Su-14-1 will moved to tier 8 and rebalence with having a fast firing 152mm gun to fit the lines theme of high ROF with moderate guns.

The Su-8 will be researched from the KV-2


The UK artillery tend to focus on higher gun arcs and vary in caliber size. With the new line it will now have above average caliber while not being as large as US. The crusader SP will be moved to tier 6 and the Fv3805 will occupy the tier 8 slot. The Conquor GC will remain at tier X. The FV304 will remain in game coming from the the crusader SP but will not lead to any other tank.


The crusader SP will be researched from the Achilles.


French artillery focus on smaller guns and a mobile platform. This won't change on this update. The AMX 13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 mile 51 and Bat Châtillion 155 58 will all remain where they are.

The AMX 13 F3 AM will be researched from the AMX 12t.


The german line has had a tendency to be in the middle of caliber outside the 8 and 9. The tier 6 hummel and tier 10 GW E-100 will remain the same. The tier 9 GW Tiger will be moved to tier 8 and have access to only a 15 and 17cm.

The Hummel will be researched from the Nashorn.


  • Crews that are assigned to removed artillery will be assigned to the nation's tier 1 tank and allowed 1 free re-training.
  • Equipment of removed artillery will be dismounted and refunded.
  • Xp of tier 7 and 9 artillery will be moved to the tier 6 and 8 respectively.
  • Xp of tier 2 thru 5 artillery will moved to the tier 1 of the nation.
  • Xp, customization and mark's of excellence of artillery being replaced with another will have those transferred to the replacement.
  • Customization and camo of artillery being removed will receive vouchers.
  • Silver vaule of removed artillery will given to players.

Edit: if your just gonna say remove them all, there is plenty of other post to say that on like you have done 3 times already…

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