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NOTE: We’ll reduce the damage output of “special ammo” by 25-30 percent, depending on average damage of the shell, while their penetration will remain unchanged. The percentage of damage reduction will depend on the amount of damage per shot — the more damage per shot, the greater the percentage of reduction.

As a result, we are going to implement the following mechanics:

Standard AP shells are now the most attractive in terms of price and damage. They have high damage per shot and are are cheap, but it's not easy to hit armored vehicles using these shells. "Special ammo" is good for firing on armored vehicles, because of a higher chance to penetrate but have lower DPM. But they have a high cost and lower (by 25-30 percent) damage per shot than standard shells. High explosive shells make it possible to inflict damage with a greater probability, regardless of whether the vehicle is armored or not. They are effective against poorly armored vehicles but have low armor penetration, cannot pierce obstacles, have the lowest damage per shot in case of non-penetration, and, often, the lowest velocity. 

Just got this from a WG fest person.


E-100, IS-4, KranVang, leopard one, STB-1 to be the next rebalanced vehicles

Edit 2: Solve some substantial issues with the matchmaker Bring back the Frontline mode Introduce Swedish medium tanks alongside other new vehicles Make clans more accessible And much more!

Edit 3: Frontline will not be a short-term event, but a whole series of events throughout the year, with heaps of rewards and other bonuses.

Edit 4: possible rebalance/Nerf of premium tanks (?) He only mentioned rebalance, not buff.

Edit 5: Clan Wars

In January 2019, in an upcoming event for players in сlans, a new British reward tank will be introduced: the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, a Tier X heavy vehicle with a tough turret and good combination of alpha damage and DPM.

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Edit 6: this has been confirmed by multiple people. Ladies and gentlemen, it's happening!

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