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An overly long idea for finding a job for the AMX 30B

WorldofTanks6 - An overly long idea for finding a job for the AMX 30B

Posted on the WoT forum so they can not read it, but I like you guys better so I wanted to know what your thought were.

Sometimes I just like shouting into voids, so today lets shout about the AMX 30B. This got long, apologies in advance.

This tank must really confuse someone at Wargaming as they have tried all sorts of things with it and none of them have stuck. It's been the worse Leopard 1 for years, it's been the worse STB-1 for awhile now, and a little while ago it was going to be a slightly better than worse STB-1 and then that got abandoned with no mention. I get it, it's a hard tank to work with, like the Leopard 1. Back in the day they were both sniper mediums with no armor, but the Leo had a little bit of an edge on the 30B and the 30B was really just known as "worse Leo" for years on end, nobody played it save for a few really dedicated players making it probably the hardest tier X to 3 mark in the game.

Then Wargaming decided it needed to be differentiated from the Leo. They didn't want two Tier X mediums to essentially have the same role on the battlefield* COUGH* T-62a-907-140-430U-T22, excuse me! so instead the AMX 30B and it's little brother the 30p were given armor and DPM at the cost of pen and shell velocity and accuracy. On the 30p this was met with mixed results, some people liked it before, some people liked it more, but while different, it probably made it an overall stronger tank and it is regarded as a good tier IX and fun to play,

Unfortunately there is a big difference between the 30p and the 30B, the 30B has the worlds LARGEST CUPOLA. Somehow when Wargaming decided to give the 30B the second best DPM in the game on any medium tank, they were deathly afraid of it being able to totally dominate the battlefield with said DPM, so they nerfed the pen to one of the lowest on any tier X medium, gave it one of the slowest shell velocities, and nerfed the accuracy. All of this was completely misguided because they 30B already had a reason why it couldn't use it's DPM, it has the worlds LARGEST CUPOLA. It's huge, it has 100mm of armor, and it can be shot, easily, before the 30B can even shoot back. There is only 2 times in World of Tanks where DPM can be used to it's fullest extent and really turn the tide of a battle: Hull down with an in-penetrable turret and up close brawling. Up close brawling is such a waste of HP if you are trading shots that it's only possible in well armored tanks, of which the 30B is not, and hull down is similarly impossible for a tank who can be shot well before it's gun can even fire over a ridge. No tank that has to poke, dodge and weave and keep moving can ever take advantage of it's DPM. The 30B only does 95 more damage in a minute than the Obj-140, a tank that really can sit hull down and fire off fully aimed shot after fully aimed shot with little worries. 95 Damage over the duration of a minute isn't much, especially when you consider that most return fire will damage the 30B, but not the 140, that the 30B's low pen means some shots won't deal damage unlike the 140, and the low shell velocity and accuracy mean you might miss some shots, unlike the 140. So did the 30B really need all those nerfs to balance it's DPM?

The huge Cupola is here to stay, Wargaming isn't going to remove it, it's part of the 30B, they all have it, it wasn't something invented to balance the tank, and I don't see them giving it 400mm of armor just to troll people who shoot it. So with it's giant "shoot me" flag on the top of the tank cresting every ridge line well before the gun peeks over the crest, the 30B needs to stay moving. It's fast, it has relatively good power:weight and it's also rather large, on the move is really it's only defense unless it's in the back of the battlefield hiding behind a bush, but that's the Leo's Job (Disclaimer: The author makes no claim that the Leo is any good at this role, simply that this role is implied, I feel for you Leo drivers, they don't know how to fix your tank either) So lets give the 30B a different one.


Make the 30B the absolute best on the move shoot-and-scoot tank. It already doesn't have any armor and can't sit still, so let it do it's job and stay moving. They already gave the 30B the best turret traverse dispersion of any medium tank in the game, so give it the best forward and tank traverse dispersion in the game too. It's not going to suddenly become OP being able to hit stuff on the move, because it has literally no protection and will need to move very carefully. Let it excel at chasing down LT's who try to flank, let it be the ultimate wheelie-boy counter, let it be able to pop up and shoot quicker and more accurately because if it sits there for a second shot it's getting penned.

Here's what I would do. Current stats are on the left, proposed on the right plus an explanation.


DPM: 3128.57 It's never going to get to use it's full DPM anyways, so leave it as is

Penetration: 248 –> 260 This was the 30B's pen before the nerf, it was a good pen and it doesn't need higher

Damage 390

Rate of fire 8.02

Shell velocity 1,100 –> 1,525 for a dynamic on the move tank, it needs better shell velocity, this is what it had pre-nerf, and it was comfortable

Gun Handling 

Aim time: 1.92 –> 1.8 just a little bit snappier if it ever holds still, this is the same aintime as the M48
Dispersion: 0.35 –> 0.30 30B will rarely fully aim in being so mobile, but a slight accuracy buff if it ever stops, was previously 0.29
… moving: 0.12 –> 0.06 This is 0.02 better than the 140, it allows the 30B to have the most accurate on-the-move gun in the game
… tank traverse: 0.12 –> 0.06
… turret traverse: 0.04 already best in game, it's amazing in the one case where applies(sitting still turning only the turret)


Forward speed: 65 Plenty fast, it doesn't need to be Leo speed.
Reverse speed: 23 –> 25 Just a little bit more to get out of trouble
Engine power: 720 Fine as is
Weight: 36,000
Power/weight: 20 already one of the best among Tier X meds
Terrain resist (hard): 0.86 –> 0.60 buffed for greater maneuverability, in between M48 (0.77) and Obj 140 (0.53)
Terrain resist (med): 1.05 –> 0.70 buffed for greater maneuverability, in between M48 (0.86) and Obj 140 (0.62)
Terrain resist (soft): 2.01 –> 1.73 buffed for greater maneuverability, equal to AMX 30 and M48 but less than Obj 140 (1.44)
Turret traverse: 39.63 –> 45.89 Small buff, same traverse as AMX 30p
Tank traverse: 50.06 Fine as is

Everything not listed stays the same.

This makes the 30B quicker, more maneuverable, and able to hide it's weak spots (the whole tank) quicker and more rapidly advance, shoot and retreat minimizing cupola exposure, while still keeping it's DPM in-check due to needing to relocate. It also allows the 30B to be an excellent aggressive pursuer being able to very accurately fire on the move allowing it to use it's high speed to be a counter to flanking lights and wheelies. It also allows it to keep suppressing fire on targets while on the move across open spaces allowing for relocation or cover fire for teammates.

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