World of Tanks

Anybody want to help me rebuild a clan?

WorldofTanks4 - Anybody want to help me rebuild a clan?

Took a long break but looking to rebuild Slackers, Inc. .

Looking for what I call “dedicated casuals.” Folks who aren’t sweaty try hard about the game and aren’t always screaming on the mic at players in pub matches and calling people trash, but that play to win, don’t like to lose, and work as a team.

My WN8 is around 1100 so I’m not a god at this game but I’m respectable, usually finish in the top five on my team. You can be better than that or worse. If you’re worse I’ll help you get better, and if you’re better you can give people worse than you advice, it’s all about just having fun together, being part of a team, and helping each other succeed.

Point of the clan is to just create a fun and positive group of players to platoon with, with an eye toward scrimmages with other clans for fun, and some tournaments later, but tournaments are a long term goal and that would require patience in building a solid team.

Shouldn’t even really have to say this but zero tolerance for folks that spout a lot of hateful or toxic things: constant negativity, trash talking other players, racist/sexist/other prejudiced comments, etc. are all gonna be big no goes as I don’t want to be associated with that type of behavior. Also bar rules apply: we don’t talk god, religion or politics. It’s divisive and starts arguments.

North American players preferred but open to EU and Pacific players that speak English and play in US time zones at least fairly frequently.

Leadership positions are open for those who want that, but I consider those positions carefully so don’t expect to just get one right away until I’ve had time to evaluate you as a person and whether you’re a good fit for what I’m trying to build and we see eye to eye. I’ve seen a lot of clans fall apart over leadership conflicts so that’s important we share the same vision for the team.


In the past I organized scrimmages a lot and had a google calendar going with weekly events, I was looking at tournaments and sponsorship when a lot of life changes and changes to the game took a toll on myself and the team and everybody went separate ways and it’s just me and a buddy left now that I’m back but he doesn’t even really log in any more. I still have most of my old connections though so once we have a roster scrimmages should be easy to come by.

I’m pretty easy to talk to if you got issues, you can leave at any time and there won’t be any beef. We stick to mutual respect of teammates and the community at large. I view World of Tanks as something like an amateur sports league where we’re all here to have fun and get competitive but at the end of the day it’s not something worth getting crazy upset about it’s just a game and we don’t get paid to do this so it really isn’t worth a lot of drama over. I’m a grown ass man with a career so my time is more scarce than it used to be, but I still want to foster positive growth in the community where I can and get on and play with people when I can.

I’m on PS4 but you can be an XBOX player I don’t care.

Player name is serialthriller

Find the clan on the WarGaming website and submit its currently open for applications.

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