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AP replacing APCR and the Type 4/5 getting HESH

WorldofTanks4 - AP replacing APCR and the Type 4/5 getting HESH

With the changes to premium ammo, I'm curious to see how much of an improvement switching standard APCR rounds to AP will help with penetrating armor since it will have better normalization over the APCR. I am definitely glad to see that those filthy premium HE rounds for the Type 4/5 will be gone 😀

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A handful of detailed information about premium ammunition and changes, especially in the case of vehicles that have subcaliber shells as standard (eg most of the X tiered mediums).


Tanks, whose basic ammunition is subcaliber shells and a special cumulative ammunition, will receive plain anti-tank shells instead of subcaliber, but these shells will retain the speed of sub-caliber shells. This means that in place of the current sub-caliber they will receive shells with better normalization and a little less loss of distance penetration. The cumulative ammunition will remain as special ammunition, but with lesser damage.

Japanese Type 4 and 5 mastodons will receive special HESH shells as ammunition, with more penetration but fewer damage. At the same time, damage to their standard shells will be slightly trimmed.

Q: OK, what about tanks that have anti-tank shells as both basic and upgraded ammunition (eg Eagle 7)?

A: The anti-tank shells will be their standard ammunition, but will receive subcaliber as special ammunition.

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