World of Tanks

April 23rd Stream Recap

WorldofTanks2 - April 23rd Stream Recap

Here is the latest Community Update Stream recap from our WoTConsole Twitch stream.

More information will be available during the Insider Information Stream on Monday at 1400 CDT (1900 UTC) where we will be joined by Lead Game Designer Jeff Gregg. Apologies if I missed anything below, we talked about so much today, therefore I would recommend re-watching the stream if you have time.

Talked about (Coming Tuesday 27th April):

Premium Tech Tree: – PTT will now be displayed as a grid to search easier. – PTT Filters to make searching for tanks easier. – Now able to access tank upgrade information without having to own the tank.

New garage: – Changes environments for each season.

  • Commander display added above the tank reel so you know when a tank does/doesn't have a commander equipped.

  • You now will be able to see platoon mates tanks in your garage.

Additional Color-blind Support + Team Color selector.

Heads Up Display: HP numbers added to the health bar.

Multi-base Assault Mode: ​ – MBA support for all maps in Custom Games. – Based on Community Super Test Proposal we adjusted spawns and bases.

Bot Support: – Bot support in higher tiers only after 3 min to help with late-night matchmaking. – Only a minority of games will see these late at night. Please help us provide feedback on this.

3D Commanders: – 3D Commanders can be used in any mode.

Marks of Excellence: – MoE progress now shows in PBRS after you earn the first one. – MoE's are available to be earned in the new Cold War Mode.

Cold War Mode: – Players start with two free Cold War tanks. One from each Alliance.

  • Silver and XP costs will be similar to Tier 8, with the grinds through post-war much faster.

    • Downtime will be approximately 3 to 4 hours on Tuesday 27th April.
    • PBRS Earnings Tab picture: link
    • Detailed Tank Statistics picture: link

Talked about (Coming Soon):

WW2 Mode: – WW2 tanks will be regularly added to the game, including the Italian Heavies. – CoOp Mode for WW2 mode, if Cold War CoOp Mode goes well.

3D Commanders: – We will investigate ways of converting 2D to 3D Commander in the future. – Special 3D Commander may be coming in the future, perhaps Halloween.

Commander Filter work is complete, should make it into the update following this one.

Mercenary Contracts and Ranked Battles are still being worked on.

More Statistics for the Detailed Tank Statistics Page.

Spectator HUD improvements are ongoing.

PBRS Proficiency Tab is being worked on.

WoTConsole Twitch Streams – 1400 CDT (1900 UTC): – Monday 26th April – Insider Information with Jeff Gregg – Tuesday – Update Rundown Stream – Preemptively going to hold off on this stream in anticipation of a very busy day on the community front. – Friday 27th April – Community Update with PainGod ​ DISCLAIMER – As with the Update Preview Notes, these notes are subject to change. Complete and final notes will be made available prior to any update.

All the best, MV

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