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Arty: Still annoying as ever and what Id like to change

WorldofTanks3 - Arty: Still annoying as ever and what Id like to change

I think SPGs are one of the worst thing for any above average skilled player especially because of XVM (maybe for everybody else as well). Yea, youre being focused on and you know it – its one of the worst feelings for me. Overall to me battles without arty are the most fun ones. When you can use all the terrain and open spaces you would just absolutely get arty-farmed on normally.

So I still think removal and compensating is the only healthy thing for the game. If thats not possible they need to reworked for sure again and I honestly don't how to fix it. Probably a flatout nerf to be honest. I don't know if there is a satisfying solution because it's fundamentally broken game mechanic in itself. So the only thing is to nerf it to the ground and arty players will not like that at all because it will be absolutely unenjoyable. But figuring this out will take time – IF it can be done at all.

(TLDR) Suggestions to make the situation better right now:

  • Until then 3 artys per game is way too much. I think they need to be limited to 1 toptier or 2 lowertier at most. 1 per game overall would be preferable.

  • Also for the now extremely long queuing time Id add a special arty-only-mode with 10v10 or something. This could be very fun and also take some pressure of the matchmaker. Make it extra profitable so players don't feel punished if they get in one of these matches. Fast, fun and profitable and players wont complain that much Id say. Maybe even make it possible to only que up in those matches if one wishes too in order to grind faster or just because its enjoyable.

This could be a good bandaid until WG figured out what they really want to happen with SPGs and not have anybody effected by playing against them getting annoyed to death in the process. Because its driving me crazy right now across all tiers. Opinions?

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