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Aufklärungspanzer Panther 3 Mark Review!

WorldofTanks1 - Aufklärungspanzer Panther 3 Mark Review!

Hey guys, it's Headrone here for a three mark review. All in all it took me around 90 games to three mark it and I loved it so much I continue to play it from time to time. I figured I would give this one a go since the tank is on sale for the week! For those who don't want to read this write-up I will provide a TL:DR at the end.

First things first, my account and vehicle stats.

My account statistics

My statistics on the vehicle

Best game that I have screenshotted I have had higher damage games than this but never captured any screens other than this

Quick history on the vehicle as it resides in game. It wasn't always a premium vehicle. It was one in the German tech tree as a standard tank. I wasn't playing the game back when it was still in the tech tree so like most of you I only know it as a premium vehicle. When it got removed from the tech tree it was added as a premium vehicle with some slight changes and those who owned it before the change got the premium tank for free. I would like to note that this tank does not suffer from matchmaking changes that the Lycan, T-50-2, and Snakebite (among others) do. It can be top tier. Now, without any further delay let's get on to the review.

Key Stats

Speed limit 60 | 22

Power/Weight: 22.09

DPM: 2382

Aim time: 2s

Reload: 3.4s base

Dispersion: .34

Gun Depression: 5 deg front/8 deg sides

Alpha: 135 damage

135mm AP / 221mm APCR

View Range: 400

The Gun

Starting this review off with the gun. This gun is well known by seal clubbers as it is the same one on the Absolution. It gets two ammo types AP and APCR. No HE here! Which isn't really missed much as it is a 75mm cannon so HE will just tickle most tanks. The gun handling on this vehicle are satisfying as you might expect with a 75mm cannon. It fires very fast and the aimtime and after shot dispersions are good enough to allow to fully aim between shots. I ran this tank with full APCR so I found the penetration to be great, and after looking around other lights in class it is above average for premium penetration. Now it is a light tank so against tier 9 heavies it can struggle frontally. You can expect this gun to keep you in the fight with its ability to quickly aim on target and high rate of fire will allow you to destroy low health enemies quickly. Do take note that the gun only depresses 5 degrees over the front, but you can use the full 8 degrees when the gun is over the sides. This will lead to some frustrating experiences as you struggle to find that sweet spot for depression to get a shot off.


Score: 9/10 some may rate it lower as people weigh alpha heavily but this gun really performs

The Armor

This section will be short as it is a light tank and it is very large and boxy. As per usual the armor is lacking so never rely on it. Although you may be surprised as its upper plate is 85mm and if someone hits it at an angle it can get a lucky bounce.

Score: 2/10

The Mobility

So this tank is not the most powerful when it comes to its engine and it shows. Some will not like that it can be sluggish with acceleration with only 22.09 horse power/ton. Coupled with a top speed of only 60 this tanks mobility can feel fleeting for the inexperienced who rely on top tier mobility to bail them out of poor positioning. That said this tank is more than capable of performing the active scout role. I also want to touch on its camo rating, it is below average to poor for a light tank. This is a big tank and you'll notice it. For those without exceptional crews with camo and view range perks be very mindful of your distance to enemies as they will spot you. It does have 400 meters view range which is pretty unheard of for tier 9 and below. Bottom line is the mobility on this tank is a great resource but it does come with a very high skill ceiling. You must plan ahead with spotting routes and escape routes as if you get caught in the open the size and sluggishness will get you killed.

Score: 6/10 It is still a light tank afterall so it gets a 6 out of 10


This tank has a extremely high DPM gun that can and will shred its opponents unfortunate enough to be stuck in front of it. With great premium penetration and velocity the cannon is satisfying and enjoyable. Solid gun handling also adds to the fun this tank can bring, you won't feel like you have to aim in forever to line up shots. The mobility is below average when considering other light tanks of its tier and neighboring tiers. So be wise in how you make your spotting runs, because if you get spotted in the open you will take damage and be killed. View range is 400m which is phenomenal for its tier and can be abused greatly, to me this is the balance between its sluggishness and poor camouflage rating. With proper skills and equipment you should be spotting others before they spot you. This tank has a very high skill ceiling with inconsistent gun depression, below average mobility and camo. Keep this in mind before purchasing. If you are a below average to average player I'll recommend you curb your expectations as this tank requires finesse and skill to get the most out of it, but fret not with practice and patience you will be beasting in it in no time. For blueberries to super unis this tank should be an instant buy.



Large Repair Kit/Large First Aid/Food (My build)

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