World of Tanks

Being forced to play artillery has given me a new perspective on the class.

WorldofTanks2 - Being forced to play artillery has given me a new perspective on the class.

Like so many of you fine ass gentlemen here i am trying to grind through the campaign missions, and now i have to play the dirty sky shits.

But doing so has given me a new perspective on the class, it has shown me i was wrong all along.

I used to think of them as absolute cancer, sacrificing the fun of others for your own. But this experience has changed my opinion on them

They are worse than fucking cancer. Seriously.

This class commits the worst crime a game mechanic in any game can commit. The crime isnt being overpowered, or annoying, or lazy. Its being OUTRIGHT MINDNUMBINGLY BORING.

THE ONLY way i can play this dumb fucking class is to watch a show in the background, because its SO FUCKING BORING.

You have to be some kind of sosiopathic psycopath in order to enjoy this class, because this class is like a fly on a hot summer day. A fucking annoyance.

I have never wished more for a 9mm to drill its way through my fucking skull more than i do when i play this godforsaken class.

The uselessness of this class is hard to comprehend. I am stuck on a mission where i have to be top 3 XP on the team and assist 1500dmg. And that last part is fucking impossible.

As it turns out a class based around assisting people is FUCKING USELESS AT ASSISTING.

THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE THIS A GOOD CLASS. Remember when the sweaty ass neckbeards would use 90% of their power to lift their fingers to the Left Click button, would click on you and you would CONSISTENTLY take 800-1000 dmg? Fucking Bullshit. Long range sniper assassins dependent on pure RNG and no skill. Now they are transisioned in to more of a support role EXCEPT THEY SUCK AT SUPPORTING TOO.


The list of things i would rather do than play this class is extensive. The list includes such things as being nutted on by QB while he calls me a whore, Shoving the 240MM howitzer of the T92 INTO MY ASS BECAUSE THEN I WILL ATLEAST FEEL SOMETHING THAN THE MIND NUMBING BORINGNESS, being locked in a room and listen to 24 hours of SirFoch complaining on artillery while being waterboarded. Getting shitfaced with my abusive father while he rants about aliens, deepstate, and the rothschilds. Well actually that last one and the first one i would do anyways, fun as fuck.

To be honest i dont mind playing againt artillery, i really dont. What i do mind is that I AM FORCED TO PLAY THEM, WHEN THEY ARE SO BORING TO PLAY. I have stormed through 5 seasons of Suits this last week playing artillery AND NOW I AM AT THE SHITTY SEASONS OF SUITS, SEASON 5 AND OVER.

i have been so close to completing this fucking mission BUT I WAS 4TH ON XP, 4TH, 3 XP POINTS BEHIND 3RD PLACE.

This post was brought to you by a shitposter losing his mind. Peace.

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